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Peking University First Hospital holds Beijing International Pediatric Neurology Forum 2017
May 11, 2017
Peking University, May 11, 2017: Peking University First Hospital held Beijing International Pediatric Neurology Forum 2017 on April 8 and 9. The forum was presided by Professor Jiang Yuwu, director of the Department of Pediatrics and the Center for Children Epilepsy, Peking University First Hospital.

Distinguished professionals in pediatric neurology were invited to the forum, including Professor Ingrid Tein, president of International Pediatric Neurology Association, Professor Ikuya Nonaka, honorary director of Japan National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Professor Charlotte Dravet from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore at Rome, Italy, Professor Kenneth Mack from Mayo Clinic, USA, Professor Michel Willemsen, director of Medical Center of Radboud Unviersity, Holland, Professor Bernard Dan, editor in chief of Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, Professor Stephen F. Traynelis, director of Department of Pharmacology of Emory University, Associate Prof Yuan Hongjie, Professor Prasanna Jayakar in epilepsy surgery from Miami Pediatric Hospital, USA, and Professor Zhong Yuzhi, director of Taiwan Pediatric Neurology Association.

There were seventeen reports, one interactive discussions among the specialists, and three in-depth case discussions held at the two-day forum, which served well as the publicity of Peking University First Hospital’s pediatric neurology and the hospital’s leading position in the field of domestic pediatric neurology. The forum enhanced the exchange between specialists and scholars of pediatric neurology from home and abroad, and had positive implications for our country’s development in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric nervous disease.

Written by: Lang Lang
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: Peking University First Hospital