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School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science holds Spring Fun Sports Meeting
Apr 13, 2017

Peking University, April 08, 2017: Spring Fun sports meeting, one of 2017 "work out together" series activities organized by School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), was held on the morning of April 8. Guided by the topic of "learn No.31 document, switch into exercise mode and start a healthy lifestyle", spring fun sports meeting consists of 10 projects covering racing, skill, persistence, teamwork and physical coordination. It attracted more than 500 participants of 28 teams from different departments, institutions, labs and sports groups of EECS, and was highly appraised by attendees.

Ye Jingyi, Vice Chairman of Peking University council, delivered a speech for the opening ceremony. She pointed out that sports activities build up physical quality of teachers and students at PKU, which is a critical component of PKU's "Shu De Li Ren" (building virtues and cultivating talents) tasks. This campus sports event held by EECS made a great try by combininginstructions of related national documents with the situation of EECS.

Gao Song, vice president of Peking University, announced the opening of the spring fun sports meeting. He also recalled that Mao Zedong published his famous “Study of Sports”in April on La Jeunesse. The first Olympic Games was held in April of 1896 as well. As a result, Gao said that today's fun sports meeting, also held in April, embodied special significance.

Huang Ru, dean of EECS, also introduced that EECS has held its brand activities based on "Shu De Li Ren" and worked on cultivating E-culture, which covers seven themes including pioneer, academics, art, sports, social practice, public services, and team spirit. Li Ning, director of Department of Physical Education and Teaching  recognized the great significance of this spring fun sports meeting for PKU and advocated further cooperation with EECS.

The sports meeting started at 9:30 am. All groups were guided to different sections in the order of drawing. There were 10 projects, each given a novel name, such as “internet plus (crossing fire circles)”, meaning crossing obstacles; “youth power (jumping kangaroos)”, meaning jumping forward with legs in a sack; “treasure time and step down to earth”, a game adapted from step test; “One belt one road”, referring to group rope skipping and “roll up sleeves for fighting”, meaning tug of war.

After the 3-hour competition, the team “3+4=7”, a joint group from class 3, 4 and 7, grade 2014, won the first prize. “Debris flow of EECS” and “The power” were rewarded with the second prize. Meanwhile, the sports meeting also gave individual awards to  the best performers in single projects. For instance, “the best flexibility award” was for the first prize in “internet plus” project; “the best rhyme award” was for the team who did best in “treasure time and step down to earth” and “the best posture award” went to the best performers in “One belt one road”.

Written by: Su Lan
Edited by: Yan Shengnan
Source: PKU News (In Chinese)