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Conference on the Development of China-Russia Mathematics Center held
Apr 22, 2021

Peking University, April 22, 2021: A conference on the development of China-Russia Mathematics Center, hosted by China-Russia Mathematics Center and co-organized by the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), was held in Hefei, China, on April 18. More than 30 representatives from over 20 institutions across China attended the conference. The conference served as an overview of the achievements of China-Russia Mathematics Center during its first year of operation, and more importantly it provided a key platform for dialogues around its future development.

Jiang Yi, executive deputy secretary of the Party Committee of USTC, said he hopes that the development of China-Russia Mathematics Center will spur on cooperation and communication between the two countries’ mathematical communities. Through these joint efforts, China-Russia Mathematics Center is set to become a world-class international mathematical research center and a base for the training of highly qualified scholars. The development of the center seeks to promote cooperation between Russia and China, while also strengthening cooperation in Europe and America and helping China emerge as a world-leader in mathematics research.

Lei Chaozi, director of the Department of Science, Technology and Informatization of the Ministry of Education, emphasized the essential nature of mathematics as the foundation of natural science and technological innovation, noting that many crucial advances in science and technology often stem from breakthroughs in mathematics. During the conference, Lei also put forward suggestions for the future development of China-Russia Mathematics Center.

Zhang Jiping, director of China-Russia Mathematics Center, gave a speech about the mission and roadmap for China-Russia Mathematics Center, while also updating the progress of its development. Zhang added that China-Russia Mathematics Center will vigorously promote the cooperation of international teams to facilitate the exchange of ideas, brainstorming and the stimulation of innovation and creativity.

After the opening ceremony, representatives from partner universities gave addresses. Zhang Jiping also chaired a seminar in which experts discussed in depth issues concerning the development of the China-Russia Mathematics Center.

PKU News (Chinese)
Written by:
Zhao Mengyu
Edited by:
Jacob Tomkins