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Together As One: PKU International Culture Festival 2020 Is On!
Nov 14, 2020

Peking University, November 14, 2020: The year of 2020 has been unique for all of us. Nonetheless, the wonders and vibrancy retain in Peking University as PKUers remain closely connected across borders while we unify as one family here in PKU.

As we bid goodbye to the golden light of autumn, it's the time of the year again for Peking University's International Culture Festival!

ICF 2020 calls upon individuals from all over the world to remain interconnected amidst challenges, as we strive to reinforce the unfeigned bonds between every PKUer. This year's ICF stands with an apt belief that no matter how far we part, we still stand under the same piece of sky, shining our youths to the brightest, adventurous to create the most splendid of our future ahead.

PKU Youth Forum 2020  

On November 16, the 2020 International Culture Festival officially kicks off! An online dialogue with the theme of "My 2020" will be held where CGTN anchor, Tian Wei will attend with six student representatives to exchange perspectives and ideas on cutting-edge themes such as the post-pandemic world, youth power and the future world. International students who are outside of China will be able to participate in the event online to share their own "2020 for All" views. The dialogue will be recorded and uploaded on relevant platforms for everyone to watch.

The Academy Awards of Musicals

The Peking University School of Arts has been celebrating the best musicals and musical performers on campus annually with The Academy Awards of Musicals for five years. The Awards offers opportunities for musical professionals to practice and share with each other while it commits to establish aesthetic norms led by universities and institutions. Co-organized by the Peking University Office of International Relations and supported by the Chinese Theater Association, the event has always been a part and a highlight of the Peking University International Culture Festival. In June, the event was shortlisted as "Excellence and Innovation in the Arts" by THE Awards Asia.

Vlog Competition  

As one of the online activities of the PKUICF 2020, the Vlog Competition encourages all PKUers to upload a video that records a story of their own, whether it be the trendy "A Day in the Life" video clip or a video clip about their stories with PKU!

The ICF is looking forward to connecting all time zones of the world, sharing experience and exchanging perspectives while meeting each other online. We encourage everyone to explore the vlogger in you and present your life as a PKUer in any part of the world!

The Chinese Language Speech Contest for International Students  

The Chinese Language Speech Contest for International Students is held in conjunction with PKU International Culture Festival annually, serving as a great platform to stimulate enthusiasm and interest for learning Chinese among the international community. The competition aims to encourage students to express themselves creatively in Mandarin, through a sharing of their personal stories and experiences. This year, the competition will be brought online with pre-recorded videos and online judging panels. The focus of this year's speech competition is shined on international cooperation and the destiny of mankind amidst the unique international situation.

Speak away and let your voices be heard!

University Museum Online Exhibition

The world is big and history is long,

if you want to explore both then tag along!

At PKU, you have a once in a lifetime chance to visit museums of different universities from all over the world all at the comfort of your seat. Peking University will be inviting National University of Singapore, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, and Copenhagen University and other fellow colleges and universities across the world for an online museum exhibition (Display time: 2 to 4 weeks), with corresponding online talks and lectures (1 hour live interaction and recording) to introduce the respective exhibition materials and the museum collections.

PKU welcomes you to explore the world and history together in different universities of different countries from different parts of the world!

Written by: Aneka R. Rajbhandari, Goh Chia Chia

Edited by: Pu Hairui

Source: PKU Office of International Relations, PKU Office of Global Communications