Mar 22, 2021
An exotic metal-insulator transition in a surface-doped transition metal dichalcogenide
Metal-insulator transition (MIT) driven by many-body interactions is an important phenomenon in condensed matter physics. Exotic phases always emerge around the metal-insulator transition points where quantum fluctuations arise from a competition among spin, charge, orbital, and...
Mar 11, 2021
Toward a more comprehensive understanding of aridity changes over global drylands
Global drylands are experiencing faster-than-average warming and are also among the most vulnerable regions to climate change. Meteorological metrics all point to an emerging trend of increased surface aridity, raising concerns of land desertification and degradation. However, re...
Dec 22, 2020
Localized magnetic moments induced by atomic vacancies in transition metal dichalcogenide flakes
The emergence of two-dimensional (2D) materials provides an excellent platform for exploring and modulating exotic physical properties in the 2D limit, and has driven the development of modern condensed matter physics and nanoelectronic devices. Among various exotic physical prop...
Dec 15, 2020
Progress in fused-ring electron acceptors made by PKU Zhan Xiaowei’s group
During 1995-2015, fullerene derivatives had been the dominating electron acceptors in organic solar cells (OSCs) owing to their performance superior to other acceptors. However, the drawbacks of fullerenes, such as weak visible absorption, limited tunability of electronic propert...
Oct 29, 2020
A breakthrough of the mechanism of energy saving in collective swimming
Peking University, October 29, 2020:Professor Xie Guangming's group in the College of Engineering at Peking University has found a simple yet previous unknown rule, explaining how do schooling fish save energy in collective motion. The related work has been published in Nature Co...
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