Dec 09, 2020
[Beijing Forum 2020] Cambridge VC on the Role of Universities
The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge Professor Stephen J. Toope, raised a series of thought-provoking questions on the challenges faced by universities in pre-COVID times that continue to persist till today, and then examined the role of universities. Below is his f...
Dec 08, 2020
China-Japan Harmony Culture Forum held at Peking University
Peking University, December 8, 2020: The International Confucian Association (ICA) and the Cultural Exchange Institution for an Asian Community hosted the China-Japan Harmony Culture Forum on December 4. The forum connected its Beijing and Tokyo venues through video conference ca...
Dec 06, 2020
Beijing Forum 2020 shines a spotlight on new challenges and opportunities of globalization
Peking University, December 6, 2020: The Beijing Forum 2020 opened at Peking University on December 5, with bilingual live broadcasts across multiple platforms. This year, the international academic event, co-organized by Peking University, Beijing Municipal Education Commission...
Dec 05, 2020
[Beijing Forum 2020] UN Secretary-General António Guterres's speech
It is a pleasure to greet the Beijing Forum. You gather virtually this year as COVID-19 continues to upend our world. The United Nations is working to save lives, control transmission of the virus and ease the fallout. We are advocating a massive rescue package for the world’s mo...
Dec 05, 2020
[Beijing Forum 2020] World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab's speech
Your theme this year, the harmony of civilizations and prosperity for all: new challenges and opportunities for globalization, resonate very deeply with myself. Let me share with you eight thoughts which are relevant in this respect, relevant for the world as a whole, and of cour...
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