Today We Set Sail Here: Peking University Held Opening Ceremony for Freshmen

NOV . 10 2008


Peking University, Beijing, and Sept 23th, 2008:



On one golden September day, in the harvest season, a group of excellent students join the large family of Peking University after years of hard effort. On Sept. 21st, the opening ceremony for new students of year 2008 was held in Peking University Gymnasium, where the 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympics Games were successfully held.



The ceremony started with three thousand students singing “Yan Yuan Love” together at 9pm. Mr. Min Weifang, Party Secretary of Peking University, President Xu Zhihong, Mr. Wu Zhipan, Deputy Party Secretary and many other school officials attended the ceremony. Mr. Yu Minhong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of New Oriental Education & Technology Group also attended the ceremony and made a speech on behalf of PKU alumni.



President Xu Zhihong made a speech at the ceremony. He expressed his welcome and congratulations to the new students and extended his sincere thanks to their parents and secondary school teachers. Mr. Xu introduced them PKU’s historical missions since the birth of the university and contributions PKU students have made in the just-concluded Olympic Games and Paralympics Games.




He also expressed his expectations for the new students. Firstly, he hoped that the students should take a practical attitude in learning. Secondly, he hoped the new generation of PKU students would be a group of people with courage and their own thoughts; they should be the ones to promote the nation’s prosperity. Thirdly, he would like the students to broaden their horizons, have faith in themselves and gain knowledge. Fourthly, he hoped that the students would learn to smile confidently to show their great capabilities, courage, intelligence as well as tolerance. Finally, he wished them to have good time during the days in Peking University.



Professor Lv Zhi from the School of Life Sciences spoke as the teachers’ representative. Her question on “why we come to PKU” provoked students into thinking. She said all of us should have the courage to take responsibilities and learn to get integrated into the big family with all those excellent youths, learn to think and find the right way.




Mr. Yu Minhong made a speech as the alumni representative. He shared his personal experience in starting a career. He said that living in PKU is not the end of learning but the beginning of another journey. Students should read more and accumulate the trivial to greatness in ordinary life. In the end, as great gratitude to PKU, he donated 2 million RMB.




2008 is an extraordinary year for PKU. After 110 years’ seeking and striving, the university has always been together with the country’s development and the nation’s fate. In this year’s Olympic Games and Paralympics Games, outstanding volunteers from PKU remarkably finished the serving task with their enthusiasm and won dignity and friendship for the nation as the most beautiful images in the Games.

The opening ceremony for graduate students started at 2pm. Mr. Min Weifang, Party Secretary of Peking University, President Xu Zhihong, Mr. Wu Zhipan, Deputy Party Secretary and many other school leaders attended the ceremony.



Mr. Han Jisheng, Academician of CAS and Director of the Institute of Neuroscience delivered a speech as the teachers’ representative. The 80-year-old said that people born in 1980s is a generation with open minds and little setbacks. However, the “bird generation” has moved us with their smiles. He hoped all the students would be honest to meet the challenges in the future.



The ceremony came to a climax when Mr. Min Weifang and President Xu wore the school badge for the students’ representative and students present all put on the school badges. The ceremony came to its close with all the students singing “Yan Yuan Love” together.





Edited By : Seren

Translated By : Wang Shu

Source : Beida News (Chinese)