The Ceremony of 2008 PKU POSCO Asia Fellowships Held

DEC . 02 2008

Peking University, Beijing, November 24, 2008: The Ceremony of 2008 Peking University (PKU) POSCO Asia Fellowships was held in the Centennial Commemorative Hall in the morning of November 26. Mr. Cui Guangxiong, Permanent Vice President of POSCO Qingyan Financial Group, Mr. Jin Dongzhen, President of POSCO-China, Mr. Yang Zaiyun, Team Leader of Planning Department of POSCO Qingyan Financial Group, Prof. Zhang Yan, Secretary of CPC PKU Committee, and Liu Chenfei, Vice Director of Office of Students’ Affairs attended the Ceremony which was hosted by Zhao Wenli, Vice Secretary-General of PKU Education Foundation.




Prof. Zhang Yan first gave sincere thanks to the POSCO Group, then expressed his congratulations to the students who won the fellowship. He hoped that the winners could cherish this honor and continue to pursue excellence on this foundation. He pointed out that they should understand the spirit of this fellowship which is full of expectations from PKU and from the POSCO Group, and contribute to the development of our country and the society. He also wished them to help each other in their work and contribute to the society with thanksgiving hearts.




Mr. Cui Guangxun and Mr. Jin Dongzhen recalled the development of relations between China and Korea, and shared their experience in China with the audiences. They also introduced the aim of the fellowships, which is to support the research and work of Asian students who have potential talents and to promote the understanding between Korea and other Asian countries. They hoped that the students will contribute to the future development of Asia.




There are twenty students from ten different departments who have received this fellowship for the 2007 - 2008 school year. In the Ceremony, the guests and the PKU leaders gave the reward to the representatives of the scholars, followed by an acceptance speech.




POSCO, founded in 1968, is the fourth biggest steel company in the world. The POSCO Qingyan Financial Group, founded in 2005, has set up many projects including forums and fellowships to promote the cooperation and communication between Asian countries.


Edited by: Yan Jiefei

Translated by: Su Juan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)