Yang Jichun’s Group makes New Discoveries in the Pathogenesis of Diabetes

MAY . 04 2017
Peking University, May 4, 2017: Recently, Diabetes, the leading journal in the field of endocrine-diabetes, published online two research papers by Prof. Yang Jichun’s group from Peking University School of Basic Medical Sciences. The research reveals that FAM3A and FAM3C, members of FAM3 gene family, play key roles in the pathway regulating glucose and lipid metabolism independent of insulin.

Along with the development of diabetes, insulin resistance and pancreas function failure is aggravated progressively so that many of the existing intervention medicines can hardly control hyperglycemia effectively. The study shows FAM3A and FAM3C activate CaM-Akt pathway by function and transcription respectively, and thus repress hepatic gluconeogenesis in a way independent of insulin and ease hyperglycemia. The study provides several potential intervention targets for the treatment of Type II diabetes and fatty liver accompanied with sever insulin resistance.

Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: PKUHSC