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PKU Celebrates the legacy of comrade Zou Bihua

APR . 15 2015

Peking University, Mar. 30, 2015: On the afternoon of March 28th 2015, Peking University hosted a symposium to commemorate the lifetime achievements of the late Zou Bihua, vice president of the Shanghai Higher People’s Court, and respected member of the Communist Party of China. Chaired by Ye Jingyi, deputy secretary of the Communist Party of China, more than 200 students and faculty were present to laude his achievements. 

An Alumni of Peking University’s Law School, Comrade Zou Bihua was dedicated to judicial work, until his demise on December 10th, 2014, at the age of 47.

Over the course of his legal career that spanned 26 years, Comrade Zou Bihua earned national recognition for his quest for fairness and justice. Those who knew him say that it was not uncommon for him to visit homes of plaintiffs and defendants in order to gain a better understanding of his cases. In the courtroom, he was adept at balancing the theoretical and practical facets of China’s legal framework. His tenure as the judge and vice president of the Shanghai Higher People’s Court produced policies that increased the efficiency of the judicial process, improved working relationships with the police department, and interactions with the general public. Lv Gongbing, vice president of the Chinese Bar Association, credits Comrade Zou Bihua for proposals that have improved the working dynamics between judges and lawyers.

Serving also as Office Director of Judicial Reform in Shanghai’s Higher People’s Court, The Late Comrade Zou Bihua was instrumental in China’s movement toward judicial reform. His proposals, many of which have been implemented, have contributed to the continued transition of China’s judicial reform. Some of his notable achievements include the increased use of Information Technology in the judicial department, resulting in improved efficiency, and, the establishment of an association aimed at protecting the rights of lawyers.  

The ceremony, held at Peking University’s Library, in the North Wing Hall, kicked off with a video clip of Comrade Zou Bihua in his element; poring over legal documents in his office.

Among the dignitaries present at Peking University’s Commemoration was Guo Weiqing, colleague of the deceased Comrade Zou Bihua, and Director of the Political Department of Shanghai High People’s Court. Not only did he talk about Comrade Zou Bihua’s tireless work, he also explained how he earned his nickname “ting qian du jiao shou” - justice and fairness on court.

The Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, and the Supreme People’s Court, have also recognized the lifetime achievements of Comrade Zou Bihua. Shortly after his passing, President Xi Jinping acknowledged Comrade Zou Bihua’s leadership, dedication, and contribution to China’s judicial system, and encouraged all to emulate his selfless service to the country.

His wife, Tang Hailin, also an Alumni of Peking University, survives the deceased. She was present at the commemoration, and fondly recounted to the audience her husband’s optimistic nature, and, dedication to his family. She shared that it was due to his support for her career that he moved to Shanghai, and built his there. She also spoke about his lesser-known passions that included photography and singing.

During the ceremony, student representatives from the Law School of Peking University honored Comrade Zou Bihua by reciting a poem, written in his honor, and presented to his wife a portrait of her husband. Peking University has also established a scholarship, in his name, to carry on the legacy.

Written by: Du Danping

Edited by: XU Karen