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Kunqu Opera “The Peony Pavilion“ goes to campus

APR . 26 2014

Kunqu Opera, also known as Kunju or Kun opera was founded in Kun Shan before the Ming Dynasty. It is regarded as the sister to Peking Opera and is one of the oldest forms of opera in China. Recently, the Kunqu Opera House of Jiangsu Performing Arts Group presented their master work "The Peony Pavilion" at the Peking University Hall.



The ’Peony Pavilion’ tells a love story from the southern Song Dynasty. Sixteen-year-old Du Liniang, a daughter from a rich family, meets a young scholar in her dreams and promises to marry him. When she wakes up, she yearns for her lover and falls ill. The young maiden soons die of lovesickness but her soul meets the young scholar again. He helps her return to life by reuniting her soul with her body. A fairy tale ending ensures with the two living happily ever after.


According to event organizer, the Jiangsu Kunqu Opera stages more than 500 performances annually. A small fraction of these, or more than 60 of them are performed on campus and are priced at a lower rate for the student budget--allowing many to fall in love with a style of theatrics that date back from ancient China.



Reported by: Xie Sisi

Source: CCTV.com

Edited by: Arthars