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Studio interview: New 5 year plan on environmental cooperation to be sealed

MAY . 03 2014

Environment ministers from China, Japan and South Korea have gathered in Daegu, S. Korea to attend the annual Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting. The ministers will discuss how to work together to build a clean future for Asia.


For more in-depth analysis, we are now joined by Professor Zhang Haibin. He is an Assistant professor at the school of International Studies at Peking University.



1. What sorts of topics are likely to be covered at the meeting? And why is this year’s gathering getting extra attention?


2. The past few years have seen a low in Japan’s relations with its neighbors, especially with China and South Korea. Do you think this meeting can provide a platform to ease some of the regional tensions in Asia?



Source: CNTV.com

Edited by: Arthars



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