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Peking University still China's top political incubator

APR . 03 2014

Peking University has produced 92 well-known alumni in Chinese politics, becoming the single institution with the most politician alumni in the country since 1952, according to a report compiled by the Chinese Universities Alumni Association (CUAA).


List of the Top 20 political incubators in China (CUAA)



Tsinghua University, next door to Peking University in Beijing, came second with 78 prominent politicians and Renmin University of China grabbed third with 70. The prestigious Peking and Tsinghua universities are recognized as the cradle of China's political leadership.


The fourth in the list is northeast China's Jilin University with 55 and Beijing Normal University with 28, closely followed by Fudan University in Shanghai, Nankai University in Tianjin and Shandong University with 27 each.


Zhejiang University and Harbin Institute of Technology each counted 24, both listed ninth on the list.



Source: WantChinaTimes.com

Edited by: Arthars