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China & France bring ballet classic to Peking University

MAY . 18 2014

French and Chinese ballets stars working together, and creating an exceptional evening in Beijing. Friday at Peking University Hall, the National Ballet of China and the Paris Opera Ballet joined hands to stage "Don Quixote", a classic ballet based on the epic masterpiece by Cervantes.



As a major highlight of the 2014 Croisement Festival and the "Meet in Beijing" arts festival, this version of "Don Quixote" sees the National Ballet of China and the Paris Opera Ballet sharing the stage.


However, the ballet's main focus is on the chemistry between the barber Basilio and Kitri, rather than the cavalier's many adventures.


"We've tailored this ballet especially for the younger audience, and we're delighted to see that they absolutely love it. This is a great opportunity to appreciate this classic art form," said Feng Ying, director of National Ballet of China.


In recent years, universities and educational institutes across China have been greeting more performing troupes.


And the ticket prices are all easy on the wallet, which makes the show even more appealing to the younger audience.


Apart from performances, artists from home and broad will also give lectures in various universities in Beijing. Meanwhile, this version of Don Quixote will appear again at Peking University on Saturday and Sunday.



Source: CCTV.com

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