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PKU students write to Noda

OCT . 10 2012

The student council and the graduate student association of Peking University (PKU) expressed their outrage last Saturday over the Japanese government's moves to nationalize the Diaoyu Islands in an open letter to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.

In the letter, the students recalled the history of Chinese struggles against Japanese invaders since 1840 and stressed China's sovereign claim to the islands. "Anyone who underestimates the determination and courage of the Chinese to protect our country's sovereignty will pay a heavy price in the end," the letter read.

A professor surnamed Yang, also the secretary-general of the student council of Peking University, told the Global Times that the letter was solely the work of the students, and that no teachers took part in writing or editing the letter.

"Before you [Noda] took office, you were once the director of a children's education center and your wife majored in vocal music at university. We expected that you, who loves children and are fond of music, would bring peace and reject violence. Given your government's recent moves, how can you face the children of both nations who aspire for peace?" the letter asked.

A member of the Japanese embassy in Beijing said the office had not heard about the letter by 3 pm yesterday. As of press time, the Peking University students had not received a response.


Source: Global Times

Edited by: Arthars