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Ministry plans temporary certificate for medical students

MAR . 11 2011

Peking University, Mar. 11, 2011: The Ministry of Health indicated that a temporary practicing physician certificate would be issued to medical students during their internship periods and related regulations would be under discussion.


The move was in response to a proposal that reflected the problems of illegal medical services offered by students during their internships in some university-affiliated hospitals. It was proposed by a member of the national committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Ke Yang, executive vice president of Peking University (PKU) in 2010.


Prof. Ke Yang (PKU Health Science Center


The problems have aroused public attention since a medical mishap happened at PKU First Hospital in September, 2009. The family of the victim, who is also the university's professor, who died while receiving medical treatment at the hospital, is accusing the medical student of offering medical care without proper registration.


Ke said the country's medical education system requires a medical student who finished a 5-year bachelor's degree to practice and continue to learn at the hospital, which is compulsory for medical students.


However, graduates are not eligible to get qualified as medical practitioners under the current law that was enacted in 1999, which stipulates a medical graduate only can attend the qualification exam after one year of probation from working in medical organizations under a qualified practicing physician's guidance, according to Ke.


Animal experiment is obligatory for these medical students, who are not legally qualified to operate on patients independently. (Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical College)


A research team gathered to study issues in regard to medical mishaps at university-affiliated hospitals nationwide. Finally, Ke proposed the suggestions at the National People's Congress (NPC) standing committee of 2010.


The ministry attached great importance to the proposal. A temporary practicing physicians' certificate is currently under discussion and expected to be introduced nationwide.



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China Youth Daily via CRI