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PKU Institute for Cultural Industries Attends 4th ICCIE

DEC . 03 2009

Peking University, Beijing, Dec. 2, 2009: On November 26-29, 2009, the 4th Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE) was held in Beijing. Invited by the Organizing Committee of the ICCIE, Institute for Cultural Industries of Peking University (PKU) attended ICCIE as the representative of other research institutes on cultural industries. 2009 is also the year for the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Institute for Cultural Industries.



During the four-day exhibition, the Institute for Cultural Industries exhibited their work on basic theoretical research, training of innovational talents, promotion of culture industry projects, and national policies consultation. The exhibited research achievements of annual reports, frontier teaching materials, frontier reports, academics references, industrial comment, and industrial weeklies, as well as the materials from International Forum on Cultural Industries, were well received by the attended visitors.


The ICCIE is a national expo which is co-hosted by Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, General Administration of Press and Publication, and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. This ICCIE has enlarged its size to attract nearly 430,000 people from overseas governments, academia, industry, finance and investment industry, and research institutes, and people who have paid attention to the industry of culture and creation as well that this ICCIE has the largest number of attendants compared with previous ones. The exhibitors were coming from eight industries of the national cultural industry, which have brought new ideas, business opportunities, and industry cooperative projects for the new developing period of national culture industries.


The Institute for Cultural Industries has set up an important platform of information exchanges of cultural industries and project cooperation to exhibit our advantages in the theoretical research, academic construction, talents training and project promoting on cultural industries, which has enlarged the institute’s academic influence in this field. The institute has also gained a lot of frontier information of this field, which has broadened their thinking and views. In the next step, they will sort and implement the information in order to exploit new academic fields and form innovational talents training models for the development of national cultural industries. In the mean time, they want to make the institute to be one of the high-level international research institutes of combining learning with research and production.


Translated by: Su Juan

Edited by:Jennifer Yan

Source:PKU News (Chinese)