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Migrant Workers Offered Access to Top University

JAN . 03 2011

Peking University, Jan. 3, 2011: Migrant workers in south China's Guangdong province may have the opportunity to fulfill their university dreams as an initiative recently launched enables them to attend free courses offered by Peking University, the Workers' Daily reports.


Young workers with technical secondary school education or higher can apply for a project that will select 100 candidates to take free long-distance learning courses offered by China's top university - Peking University.


Candidates who pass a selective test could choose from a range of 12 majors including economics, law and Chinese language. Those who qualify after 2.5 - 5 years' undergraduate study will acquire a certificate issued by PKU School of Distance Learning.


Vice Chairperson of PKU Council and Chairperson of PKU Labor Union Yue Sulan presenting gloves to construction workers on campus (File photo)


The project is jointly organized by Peking University, the Communist Youth League Committee of Guangzhou, and other media and companies.


The initiative has attracted the attention of nearly 20 million young workers in Guangzhou, many of whom are thrilled at the prospect of a dream-fulfilling experience.


Peking University's tradition for promoting social well-being can be traced back to the early 20th century, when President Cai Yuanpei urged for a universal education and established in 1918 "evening classes for the ordinary" programs - now PKU School for Ordinary People (pingmin xuexiao) - on campus.


"Going to university has been my long-cherished dream. I want to take this opportunity and change my life through learning, before I could go on to change the lives of others," said migrant worker Yi Yuanding.


Guangdong will help more young workers realize their dreams by offering more assistance in emotional education, skills training and career building, said Chen Dong, secretary of the provincial Youth League Committee.



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