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Novel measure for IVF procedure developed

JAN . 03 2014

A new measure for IVF procedure has been developed which, as per scientists, is considered to be safe, effective and cost-effective.


The new technology has been developed by researchers from Peking University Third Hospital in Beijing. The technology with its above mentioned features selects genetically normal embryos for the procedure. In the process, the whole genome sequencing of egg cells is done. Through this way, any sort of abnormality and DNA sequence variations get detected.


"Theoretically, if this works perfectly, we will be able to double the success rate of test-tube baby technology from 30 per cent to 60 per cent or even more," said lead researcher Dr. Qiao Jie from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the university.


There are a number of procedures available to detect genetic defects in embryo, but before it gets implanted in womb. Moreover, these approaches do not detect both chromosomal abnormalities as well as DNA sequence variations at the same time.


But the researchers have come up with whole-genome sequencing methods. These measures are able to detect such defects. The study researchers have affirmed that they are going to initiate clinical trials that will be based on this approach.


Reported by: Olivia Conroy

Source: TopNews

Edited by: Arthars