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Former WB Economist returns to teaching

JUN . 10 2012

Peking University, June 6, 2012: Justin Yifu Lin, who served a four-year tenure as World Bank chief economist and senior vice president, will soon return to work at Peking University (PKU), one of China's top academic institutions, according to the university.


The National School of Development (NSD) at PKU, where Lin is expected to resume his former role as a professor, on Wednesday confirmed with Xinhua that Lin will give a class in the new semester starting in September.


The NSD spokesman said the 60-year-old Chinese economist will soon return to China and attend a series of academic activities held by the NSD.


Though many expect Lin to be appointed chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, of which he has been vice-chairman since 2005, the spokesman said this has not yet been confirmed.


Lin confirmed his leave one day before the end of his tenure on June 1.


In a post on the World Bank's blog on May 31, he wrote, "This is my last week as chief economist at the World Bank...for my part, I will return to PKU in China."


Lin's position at the World Bank has been filled by Martin Ravallion, who had previously worked as director of the bank's Development Research Group.


Lin took up his World Bank position on June 2, 2008, after serving for 15 years as professor and founding director of the China Center for Economic Research (CCER) at PKU.


The NSD, a scientific research and educational institution focusing on the comprehensive study of social sciences, was founded based on the CCER.


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Source: Xinhua.net