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Kunqu Opera class launched

MAR . 03 2011

Peking University, Mar. 3, 2011: Peking University started the first-ever course in Kunqu Opera appreciation last Thursday, bringing enhanced awareness to an old but oft-overlooked element of Chinese performing arts culture.


Kunqu Actresses performing in class (sohu.com)


The course, to be held every Thursday, is open to all Peking University (PKU) students as an elective. According to a report in the Legal Mirror, more than 100 students sat in on the opening lecture given by Hu Zhifeng, a well-known Kunqu Opera artist. Other prominent authors, actors and arts scholars will also serve as guest lecturers in the coming weeks.


An earlier photograph of Hu Zhifeng -- as a young Kunqu actress (Baixianyong's sina blog)


According to Xiao Huaide, one of the course administrators, the course will immerse students in the glamour of one of the oldest extant forms of performing art in China, which dominated the arts scene from the 16th to the 18th centuries.


Students will also have the chance to participate in a performance of classical Kunqu Opera “The Peony Pavilion” in Peking University this April.


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