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Preparation for Beijing Forum 2010 in Sprint Phrase

OCT . 14 2010

Peking University, Oct. 3, 2010: On Sept. 27, the review meeting of the preparatory work for Beijing Forum was held in Tan Siu Lin Center for International Studies. The meeting was significant for the coming 7th Beijing Forum, marking that the preparatory work for Beijing Forum 2010 is in the sprint phrase.


Prof. Zhou Qifeng, President of Peking University, and Kim Jae-youl, President of the Korean Foundation for Advanced Studies attended the meeting, together with other administrative people in PKU and persons in charge of sub-forums. Persons in charge of the Beijing Forum Secretariat, Publicity Group, Organization Group and all the sub-forums made presentations on their preparation respectively and President Zhou Qifeng, Mr. Kim also delivered important speeches.

In the welcoming speech, President Zhou Qifeng indicated that the theme of Beijing Forum (2010), “The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All — Commitments and Responsibilities for a Better World.” was the representation of the intelligence of numerous scholars, setting up in line with the theme of contemporary world. He reiterated that Peking University would multiply our efforts to make it a meaningful academic occasion.

Mr. Kim firmly affirmed the achievements of the preparatory work, and expressed his special appreciation towards the sub-forum for youth students held for the first time ever. He pointed out that the youth are the future of the world, the backbone of the future to face and solve global problems. The sub-forum for youth is held exactly at the appropriate time. The meaningful subject "Challenge, Responsibility, Ideal: We Are the Youth of the World" reflects a remarkable perception and a strong sense of responsibility. 

The 7th Beijing Forum (2010) will be held in Beijing from Nov. 5 to Nov. 7 with the theme “The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All — Commitments and Responsibilities for a Better World.” Seven sub-forums are with the themes of “Belief and Responsibility——Spiritual Reflection in the Era of Globalization,” "The Global Environmental Problems: Policies and Actions,” "Global Governance and China's Role," "The Building of Harmonious Global Cities,” "Nation-Wide Health: Morality and Promises of Medicine,” "Global imbalance and its Governance Mechanism,” and "Education Reform and Research in Era of Change: Responsibility and Future."

Beijing Forum (2010) has several distinctive characteristics. Firstly, the annual theme is closely related to current problems in social development, with sub-forum themes developed from the annual theme in different perspectives. Secondly, the sub-forum for youth students held for the first time broads the horizon of the forum and is good for the cultivation of new blood for the academia. Thirdly, the combination of arts and science is prominent. Science is more blended into some keynote speeches and topics. Furthermore, the expansion of daily academic activities and the influence of the forum is emphasized. Through the two high-profile academic activities "Conversation between Christianity and Confucianism" and "Conversation between Moslem and Confucianism" the role of Beijing Forum as a platform of cultural exchanges is strengthened. In addition, the cooperation between higher education institutions is continued. Special Fairs for University of Chicago and Cambridge University will be held during this forum. The sub-forum" Belief and Responsibility—the Spiritual Reflection in the Era of Globalization" is co-held by Peking University, Yale University, and Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

Up to now, the invitation work has been accomplished. 326 scholars from home and abroad have confirmed their attendance, 205 foreign scholars included. Other international well-known guests will also intend the forum, including Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, Ernesto Zedillo, former President of the United States of Mexico, Michael Ussery, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the US, Renata Lok-Dessallien, the Chinese Resident Coordinator of United Nations and Chinese Resident Representative of United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Jürgen Moltmann, German religious philosopher, and Chey Tae-won, Chairman of SK Group.



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Edited by: Zhang Chunlan

Translated by: Chen Wei

Source: PKU News (Chinese)