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Peking University delegation visits the United States

OCT . 19 2017
Peking University, Oct. 9, 2017: From September 24 to 27, Lin Jianhua, president of Peking University led a delegation to visit New York and attend the first round of “China-US Social and People-to-People Dialogue” series, including “China-US Young Maker Summit” and “China-US University Presidents and Think Tank Forum.” During his stay, Lin also visited New York University, met with outstanding representatives of Chinese Americans, and attended Boya Forum held by Peking University New York Alumni Association.

In the morning of September 24 (local time), Lin and the delegation visited Dr. James Chao, a famous entrepreneur, philanthropist and the president of Foremost Group, a shipping, trading, and finance enterprise. Lin praised the Chao family for being not only a distinguished representative of Chinese Americans but also an important link between China and the United States. He then introduced the reform and development of Peking University in recent years as well as the preparation of the 120th anniversary. Furthermore, he pointed out that universities are the cradle of innovation and talent, and have made great contributions to the human and social communication between China and the United States.

Dr. James Chao, together with his family, gave a warm welcome to the delegation. Chao willingly consented to serve as a member of the consultative committee of the 120th anniversary of Peking University. Chao’s daughter, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ms. Elaine Chao shared her experience of the social and cultural differences between China and the United States. She said that her parents’ confidence in and commitment to the inheritance and tradition of Chinese culture exerted profound influence on the education of their children. Vice President of Foremost Group Ms. Angela Chao also said that her father not only passed down his wisdom and courage but also his charitable spirit to the next generation.

Peking University delegation with the family of Dr. James Chao

In the evening of September 24, Lin attended Boya forum of Peking University New York Alumni Association. He made a speech focusing on “Sharing the Future,” during which he introduced the general situation of Peking University, especially the progress in fields of education reform and research. The event attracted nearly 200 alumni who works and studies in Greater New York area. Peking University New York Alumni Association is the first oversea alumni association of Peking University. In the past 30 years, the association has made great achievements in organizing and contacting alumni, offering community service and giving back to the Alma Mater.

Lin mentioned that the development and construction of Peking University could not be accomplished without the support of alumni both home and abroad. Through the forum, the alumni showed their love and affection for their Alma Mater. This emotional connection between Peking University and its alumni is going to encourage the university to improve alumni contacts and build a larger platform for alumni to take part in and support the development of Peking University.

Boya Forum of Peking University New York Alumni Association

On September 25, the opening ceremony of “China-US Young Maker Summit” and the launching ceremony of “China-US Young Maker Center” was held at New York University. Liu Yandong, vice premier of China attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Lin Jianhua, along with New York University President Andrew Hamilton, Vice President of Intel Corporation Ke Mingyuan, PKU alumnus and co-founder of Ofo company Yu Xin also attended the ceremony and gave speeches. Before the ceremony, Liu Yandong visited the exhibition of productions of China-U.S. young makers, which includes the water purification system designed by Dr. Lei Ting and the stretchable and flexible electronic equipment by Dr. Pang Hongbo, both recommended by Peking University.

Lin Jianhua delivering a speech on the launching ceremony of China-US Young Maker Center

Lin and the delegation also met with Andrew Hamilton. Both sides agreed on further cooperation in medicine, psychology and humanities. Andrew Hamilton introduced Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), a new program of New York University, and expressed his hope on establishing similar interdisciplinary projects with Peking University.

Lin Jianhua and Andrew Hamilton

In the morning of September 26, Lin and the delegation went to Columbia University to attend “China-US University Presidents and Think Tank Forum.” Special Guests on the US side, including United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, made speeches on the opening ceremony. Afterwards, Liu Yandong also gave a speech on the subject of the forum and answered questions from teachers, students and experts. In the afternoon, the experts and scholars started discussions focusing on 4 topics: “Looking Back on China-US Relations: the Communication on Economics, Politics and Culture,” “The Next Fifty Years: Strategies to Build Trust and Mutual Benefit between China and the US,” “Deepening the Exploration on the System of Human Communication between China and the US” and “‘the Belt and Road Initiative’: Viewing from China and the US.” Professor Zhai Kun of the School of International Studies delivered a keynote speech on the section concerning “the Belt and Road Initiative.”

In the afternoon of September 26, Lin and the delegates went to the UN headquarter to visit Lau Chen Ming, UN under-secretary-general, and Xu Haoliang, assistant secretary general of UNDP. They discussed PKU students' internships and career plans in international organizations. In order to cultivate qualified global governance professionals, Peking University will create more opportunities for students to intern in international organizations, and build regular and systematic cooperation of talents exchange and internship practice with related international organizations. Also, Lin hoped that experts from international organizations can share their working experiences with students. 

The delegation of Peking University and Lau Chen Ming

On September 27, Lin and the delegates had dinner with alumni representatives who work at Wall Street and discussed at length the differences of higher education between China and America and the 120th anniversary of Peking University. Alumni gave advices based on their own experience and expertise and expressed their willingness to improve their Alma Mater.

Written by: Hu Yue
Edited by: Wang Yuqing and Xu Penghang