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Ambassador of Vietnam to China, Deng Mingkui, visits Peking University

JUL . 30 2017
 Peking University, July 20th 2017: On 13th of July 2017, Ambassador of Vietnam to China, Deng Mingkui visited Peking University and officially forward the appreciation letter that written by the First Lady of Vietnam, Ruan Shixian to Peking University. Peking University Council Chairman Hao Ping greeted the guest in the Ling Hu Xuan’s hall. The Director and Deputy Director of Education Assistance, Yan Bingchen and Huang Pei, also attended this meeting.

Ambassador Deng Mingkui first helped Madam Ruan Shixian to send her regards and best wishes to Peking University for organizing their upcoming International Summer School of Year 2017. He then introduced that, during the visiting of Madam Ruan to Peking University in earlier May of 2017, she proposed that she wished to see more Vietnamese students could have chances to study at Peking University and learn the Chinese culture. Therefore, in her letter, she would like to express her finest gratitude to Peking University for their aggressive reaction towards this proposal by giving 20 scholarship spaces for Vietnamese students to apply. She hopes that this project can bring more opportunities for Vietnamese student to experience learning in China’s top universities. Madam Ruan also wishes that Peking University will continue create more fantastic results in the midst of their celebration for 120 years school anniversary.

Hao Ping represented the school to receive the appreciation letter from Ambassador Deng Mingkui and welcomed his visit. Recalling back to the moments when Madam Ruan visited Peking University in last May, Hao emphasized that the importances and the consequences of maintaining the relationship between China and Vietnam. He encouraged both parties should have more active collaboration between the youths, as a result to cultivate more civil friendship envoy. Meanwhile, this has brought to an coincident agreement with Ambassador Deng, as he thinks that given the similarities in both their geographic positions, systems, traditions and culture, he hopes that more numbers of Vietnamese student are able to study abroad in China, and learn at Peking University. Hence, the support from Peking University and Minister of Education in China is crucial by way of improving their relationship. Hao Ping also shown his support by stating that Peking University are willing to assist the ambassador to cultivate their future talents and would like to invite Ambassador Deng to come to Peking University to have some talks to introduce the Sino Vietnamese Relation to their students.

Besides that, Yan Bingchen stated that, The Ministry of Education Assistance is formed to support the educational exchange between China and other foreign countries. He hopes the Vietnamese students who participate in the short-term learning program of Peking University can become the role models and the friendly messenger of the  "One Belt One Road" program.

Written by: Tan Yen
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News (In Chinese)