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Nobel Prize winner James Watson visits PKU HSC

APR . 03 2017

Peking University, April. 1, 2017: On March 31, Nobel Prize winner James Watson, known as the "Father of DNA”, visited Peking University Health Science Center to give a speech at PKU Medical Tumor Forum. The topic of his speech is “To Overcome Chemo-Resistant Cancers, Use Natural Product Quinones”.

At 10:00 am, accompanied by the academician Zhan Qimin, director of PKU HSC, Yin Yuxin, dean of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, and Fu Xinyuan, dean of Shenzhen Institute of Precision Medicine, Dr. Watson arrived at the conference central auditorium and received a warm welcome from students and teachers of HSC.

As the host of the lecture, Zhan welcomed and thanked Dr. Watson for his attendance. He introduced the great achievements of Dr. Watson, including discovering the double helix structure of DNA and its function of furnishing the development of modern molecular biology. Zhan particularly stressed the historical contribution made by Dr. Watson’s advocating of the “Human Genome Project”.

Starting by introducing the origin of tumor and DNA, Dr. Watson explained carefully about the importance of ROS (response of oxidative stress) in tumor. He further discussed the development of tumor chemotherapeutic resistance mechanism and studies on the resistance of natural drugs. The students and teachers present were all attracted and interested by his speech; thus they had a heated discussion . Dr. Watson patiently and earnestly answered every question, such as the specificity of ROS antitumor mechanism, the balance of bidirectional action in tumor, and the difference between natural drugs and chemical synthetic medicine. And it gained him warm applause all through the lecture.

Zhan addressed the students that more than teaching the advanced knowledge, Dr. Watson was also teaching his life philosophy, which was that legend is created by one’s own efforts and the social recognition of his/her achievements. He sincerely wished the students can set Dr. Watson as an example, and create their own medical legends to realize the value of their lives.

Written by: Zhong Yaoqiong
Edited by: Xu Liangdi
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