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Mr. Vladimir Yakunin visits Peking University

MAR . 27 2017

Peking University, March 26, 2017: On March 21, Mr. Vladimir Yakunin, founder and president of World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”(http://dofc-foundation.org/ ),  led a delegation to visit Peking University. He was received by Hao Ping, chairman of Peking University Council, and Li Yansong, PKU Vice President. They held a discussion on cooperation in various fields.

The meeting of Mr. Yakunin and Hao

Mr. Yakunin stressed the importance of youth education. He thought educational and scientific institutions should serve as guidance and cultivate elites for the future. With regard to globalization, he approved its positive role in promoting cultural communication and information flow. He wished the Belt and Road Initiative and the new model of economic development represented by BRICS a great success.
Hao praised Mr. Yakunin’s consistent efforts, suggesting that they should help and learn from each other. He said that Beijing Forum and World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” should make use of their advantages and support each other so that they could create a better academic and communicating environment. 

Hao presenting an album of painting of Peking University to Mr. Yakunin

Mr. Yakunin responded to Professor’s suggestions positively. He showed strong willingness to cooperate with Peking University, Beijing Forum, and the Teenager Summer School Program of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. Both sides stressed the importance of communication between civilizations, andagreed to work together on cultivating professional elites in different fields in order to raise the level of cooperation.

Written by: Xie Changli
Edited by: Li Ruiqi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)