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Peking University HSBC Business School Oxford Campus to open

MAR . 01 2017
Peking University, Feb. 26, 2017: Peking University HSBC Business School Oxford Campus (PHBS Oxford) will be opened. Recently, Peking University HSBC Business School has purchased the campus in Oxford. The preparation for education and governance is well underway. Recruitment for staffs and admission for students will start from June this year, and PHBS Oxford will welcome its first semester in 2018.
According to the plan, PHBS Oxford will mainly recruit students from Great Britain and other European countries.They offer master degrees in finance, management and economic areas. The term of schooling is two years, students will study in Oxford campus in the first year, and Shenzhen campus in the second year. Meanwhile, PHBS Oxford offers short-term training courses for entrepreneurs from Britain and other European countries.

PHBS Oxford Campus

Location: Convenience
PHBS Oxford is located in the southwest of Oxford. From June this year, an old manor will become the campus of PHBS Oxford. PHBS Oxford will make good use of its location, andrecruit famous scholars as visiting Professors or honorary Professorsthroughout Europe.
Education Globalization
China: Transition Phase of Globalization
China participates in globalization activelyand begins to play the role of a leader in globalization. But compared with the high globalization degree of financial institutions from China, internationalization of Chinese education lags obviously.In order to promote the transition of globalization, universities from China spare no efforts to enhance education globalization. The foundation of PHBS Oxford, a milestone of internationalization, marks Chinese universities’first attempt of recruiting foreign students,self-management and independent operatingoutside the region of China.
Britain: Open Policy in Educational Area
Britain’s open policy regarding education offers the possibility of the foundation of PHBS Oxford. Facing the highly-opened, international, and competitive higher education marketin Britain, PHBS Oxford has made the perfect plan,and determined to uplift the brand of PKU and Peking University HSBC Business School to a new level.
Function: A Link between History and Future
As the cradle of Chinese modern universities, PKU has rich tradition of internationalization. In the phase of School of Combined Learning and Imperial University of Peking, many foreign scholars had taught in PKU. Many famous headmasters of PKU, such as Yan Fu and Cai Yuanpei, had studied overseas as well. Through history, PKU undertook the great responsibility of leading and promoting the development of China.
Inheriting tradition, PKU opens up a new period by founding PHBS Oxford. The foundation of PHBS is the first time for Chinese universities building and managing campus overseas independently.At the same time, Peking University Oxford Center and Shenzhen Oxford Innovation Center will be built. Together with PHBS Oxford, these three institutions will cooperate and offer international platform for innovation and development of higher education.
In the future, PKU will make efforts to become the platform of international communication for global universities and institutions. The foundation of PHBS Oxford, an important part of improving the global influence from PKU, ensures the possibilities to both makinggood use of the abundantacademic resources in Oxford and promoting investigations concerning to China.

Written by: Hu Rong
Edited by: Wang Cheng Siou