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[Summer School] EU-China Dialogue in Media & Communication

APR . 26 2014

The European University Center at Peking University, together with the School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University and the China Media Observatory of Università della Svizzera Italiana, will operate the EU-China Dialogue in Media and Communication Studies Summer School from 1-10 July 2014 at Peking University.


The program aims to bring together researchers and students from Europe and China in order to debate contemporary issues in media, communication and cultural studies in the background of Chinese and European media industry. The summer school is open to a full variety of academic work from the field of communication and media studies and is designed for young scholars, PhD and master students who have strong academic interests, especially with a background in international communication studies, intercultural communication studies, Chinese/European media studies and culture/language studies.


Aims of the summer school are to provide: 1. A qualified international setting where professors from European countries, U.S. and mainland China will present and discuss their updated research work; 2. A supportive international setting where participants (young scholars and students) can present their ongoing work, receive feedback on their current or future research projects from international experts and meet academics from other countries, establishing valuable contacts for the future.



Learning format of the summer:


1. Lectures: each of the invited professors will have 1-3 lessons according to their research necessities. The faculty will be from Università della Svizzera Italiana, Peking University and member universities from the European University Centre at Peking University such as Università degli Studi di Milano. Some external professors are included – from University of Illinios at Chicago, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and University of Zurich.


2. Feedback workshops: participant scholars and students will present their research projects and receive structured, qualified and multi-voiced feedback on their work from summer school lecturers and students, which will allow participants to structurally improve the quality of their academic work and stimulate their further research interests;


3. Media dialogue: two dialogues with media experts from different Chinese or international media organizations based in China will be organized as part of the Summer School. When possible, the dialogue will be arranged at the working place of those media organization where participants can personally observe the media practice.



To apply, aspiring participants need to send an abstract of their research projects (degree dissertation, academic paper or future research plan) and three questions about topics they wish to know more in the area of Chinese and European media and communication studies before April 30. The selected participants will be announced before May 15. They will need to submit a 10-page full description of their research projects no later than June 20.


Payment of a registration fee of 550 Euros is required for the selected participants. It will include 10-day accommodation near the campus, 10-day lunch in the campus, 2 social-networking dinner and 1 day city tour. For Chinese participants who do not need accommodation arrangement, the registration fee can be reduced. Grants will be provided to the best 2 students proposal/presentation, and the winners will be refunded with 200 Euros each.


Please note that the number of participants is limited to 30 in total (half from Europe and half from China). Deadline for the first application is April 30, 2014. All the proposals need to be sent to: chinamediaobservatory@gmail.com.



Extended Readings:

For more information: http://english.pku.edu.cn/

About the European University Centre at Peking University: http://www.pku-euc.org/

About the China Media Observatory of Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI): http://www.chinamediaobs.org/