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“Bright Trip“ to Bahamas

MAY . 29 2014

Peking University, May 19, 2014: “The ‘Bright Trip’ restores the sights of the Bahamian cataract patients so that they could see the beautiful scenery of the islands,” said Bahamian Health Minister Perry Gomez, giving thanks to Chinese ophthalmologists.

The Bahamas is an island nation on the west coast of Atlantic Ocean, located south of Florida and north of Cuba. In June 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the Caribbean. Xi and Bahamian leaders agreed upon increasing China’s medical aid by sending authoritative experts to cure cataract patients.

According to the agreement, China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) would send to Caribbean 100 medical experts in three years to conduct a “Bright Trip.”

At the invitation of the Bahamian Government, Professor Yang Liu and her eight colleagues from Peking University (PKU) First Hospital arrived in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas on April 30. Earlier since April 20, an advance group of seven there had determined a schedule of cataract screening, and completed the installation of operation rooms at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Prof. Yang Liu, head of the medical team

From May 1 to 12, PKU ophthalmologists examined 140 local cataract patients and operated on 101 for free. Many patients, aged from 11 to 85, had waited for a long time—even six years—for medical treatment. With the help of modern equipment, the surgeons successfully removed the patients’ hardened crystal nuclei. After the operation, the visual acuities were restored, some even to the value of 1.2.



During their stay in the Bahamas, the PKU doctors also had academic exchange with Bahamian medical experts.

“It is every doctor’s responsibility to cure patients of disease,” said Professor Yang Liu, noting that she did enjoy the time working with Bahamian medical care professionals.


Written by: Chen Runxi
Edited by: Arthars
Source: PKU First Hospital and NHFPC