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[Beijing Forum 2016] The Role of International Organization and International Norms

NOV . 11 2016
Peking University, Nov. 9, 2016: On the afternoon of November 4th, 2016, the first panel session on China and global governance was held in Banquet Hall, Diaoyutai State Guest House. This session's main topic was "The Logic of International Cooperation". Jia Qingguo, president of PKU's School of International Studies, served as the host of the session. Enrico Letta, Yang Kaifeng, and Xu Xin delivered their speeches and answered questions put forward by other participants during the session.

Enrico Letta emphasized the importance of strengthening multilateral systems, from G20 to the UN. He pointed out that building multilateral systems was the most effective way to unite different countries to solve global problems, such as global warming and deforestation. He also used the example of the G20 to illustrate that effective communication among countries was not only necessary, but also paramount. At the end of his presentation, he said  that it was a common mission for all countries to deal with the world of crisis.

The following presentation was given by Yang Kaifeng, a professor at Renmin University. He put forward his opinion that  global cooperation is influences by human nature. He noted that people in different countries have different ways to deal with problems, so countries should learn from each other instead of working unilaterally, emphasizing the importance of dialogue between countries.

Next, Professor Xu Xin from Cornell University delivered his speech about China's rise as a global reformer. First, he talked about a speech given by President Xi Jinping and some policies of China. Later, he pointed out that China has entered the second phase of its development. China's rise is intended to shape the external environment
with a reformist's vision of global governance within the international system. Also, he noted that China was facing a complicated situation, so it is important for China to find new ways to maintain and sustain its peaceful development.

During the free discussion, when Professor Xu Xin was asked whether China needed to do more in global governance or not, he answered that there were two opposite attitudes towards China's role in the world. One was that China never did enough in proportion to its development, and the other was that other countries need to be careful when persuading China to do more.
He concluded that the relationship between power and rise is difficult, and that as China continues to rise, it has to contribute more to global governance.
Reported by: Hu Rong
Edited by: Gan Zhonghao