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Ceremony of conferring Honorary Professorship on Kevin Michael Rudd held at PKU

NOV . 02 2016
Peking University, Oct. 27, 2016: On October 21, 2016, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Michael Rudd visited Peking University (PKU), accepted the honorary professorship from Peking University and delivered a speech. PKU President Lin Jianhua, Vice President Li Yansong, and dean of Institute of International Strategic Studies Peking UniversityWang Jisi warmly welcomed the guest in Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center.

President Lin conferring the certificate of honorary professorship on Rudd
President Lin conveyed his gratitude toward the consistent efforts on the relationships between China and Australia as well as Rudd’s supporting PKU. Lin pointed out the requirement of education Chinese society needs, and emphasized to enhance the development of PKU. PKU will adhere to the principle of combining independent construction and subject allocation. Rudd responded “With China developing rapidly and changing greatly, I believe Peking University will undertake its responsibility during China’s social development.” After the talk, President Lin conferred the certificate of honorary professorship from Peking University on Rudd, then Rudd delivered a speech entitled “2030 UN: Rebuilding Order in a fragmenting World”.

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Michael Rudd delivering his speech
At the beginning of the speech, Rudd stated his reflection on the challenges global order had faced in the past two years, and the future reform of UN. He revolved around the core value that “UN is of vital importance”, and put forward a series of criterion for the future reform of UN. Rudd pointed out that “globalization” brings new challenges to this era, inclusive of climate changes, refugee crisis, terrorism, isolationism, and populism, which may inverse the trend of globalization. He thought the international community nowadays needs a strong and powerful UN more than ever needed, and proposed suggestions such as member countries should reaffirm multilateral mechanisms and carry out comprehensive precautionary principle. At last, Rudd said, “I hope, this speech can contribute to the formation of the global policy related to the era issues, no matter how small it is.”
Kevin Michael Rudd is a politician, diplomat, former Australian Prime Minister,head of Australian Labor Party, and Minister for Foreign Affairs, and was once featured in Time magazing's 100 most influential people of 2010.

Written by: Wang Chengsiou / Li Yao
Edited by: Wang Qian / Zhang Jiang