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Waseda University’s President Kaoru Kamata receives honorary doctorate degree from PKU

SEP . 27 2016
Peking University, Sep. 27, 2016: On September 20, 2016, President Kaoru Kamata of Waseda University visited Peking University (PKU) and received his honorary doctorate degree. The presentation ceremony was held at the Sunshine Hall of Yingjie Exchange Center. President Lin Jianhua, Vice President Li Yansong, Dean Jia Qingguo of School of International Studies and representatives from Waseda University and Kangshifu Corporation attended the ceremony.

Li Yansong gave a brief remark on the long history of relationship between PKU and Waseda University, pointing out the leading role of the two universities in fostering cooperation between China and Japan.

Lin Jianhua then took the stage to make his congratulatory speech. Lin began with congratulating President Kamata for Waseda University’s innovative educational approach and its achievements in cultivating globalized talents in Japan and abroad. Lin also emphasized the need for PKU and Waseda University to further strengthen their cooperation and lead today’s globalized age together. He added, "The two universities have maintained close relationship for over 10 years, and we have made substantial contribution to Sino-Japan cultural and higher education exchange.” Lin ended his speech thanking Kamata for promoting internationalization of academic research and education for both universities.

Following the presentation of doctorate degree to President Kamata, the stage was passed onto Kamata for his speech. Kamata started off his speech by emphasizing the over 100 years of history of Chinese students studying abroad at Waseda University. He pointed out that ever since Waseda University had sent its first student abroad in 1888, the university had been actively engaged in international academic exchange, especially with China. Chinese scholars who have studied in Waseda University include Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao, both prominent scholars and politicians in 20th century. Kamata said emotionally: “I am very proud that I have lived in the same dorm building as Li Dazhao. Although our experiences at Waseda are 50 years apart, yet I am truly honored that Waseda University was once home to a figure like Li Dazhao.”

Kamata also pointed out the great success of PKU-Waseda double degree exchange program. He emphasized that the program was one of the most popular exchange programs in Waseda University, and the students at Waseda University felt very excited about the opportunity to study alongside the best chinese students. Kamata stated that though global society is faced with many threats posed by technological advancements, such as environmental pollution, shortage of resources, yet the future of human progress is still value-oriented, sustained by human connections and mutual understanding. He further stated that despite painful history between China and Japan in the past, PKU and Waseda University, as leading universities in Asia, should take the initiative in building mutual understanding and trust between the two countries.

In the end, President Kamata showed his appreciation for President Lin and PKU of maintaining the long history of cooperation and sharing the multicultural value together through global exchange program.

The global exchange program between PKU and Waseda University has deepened cultural and academic understanding between China and Japan, acting as a bridge between students of both schools sharing academic and cultural backgrounds. As the students from both universities continue showing great interest in the PKU-Waseda exchange program, the future relationship between China and Japan seems full of hope.

Written by: Sung Hoon Lee
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: Office of International Relations