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World Champion Liu Wei at Cairo University: Enjoy Healthy Life with Table Tennis

APR . 21 2016

Peking University, April 17, 2016: On April 6, “Enjoy Healthy Life with Table Tennis: Speech on China’s National Game Ping Pong” was held in the Confucius Institute at Cairo University.

PKU’s world Ping-Pong champion Ms. Liu Wei attended the event as the keynote speaker. Other attendees were Prof. Lin Xiaoyin, Prof.Rehab Mahmoud, the Middle East bureau chief of People’s Daily Liu Shuiming, Chinese teachers and students in Egypt as well as students of the Confucius Institute.

Liu Wei Giving Speech

This event was organized by the Confucius Institute and the Chinese Department at Cairo University. At the beginning of 2016, Lin Xiaoyin and Rehab Mahmoud laid out ten major projects, including study on the Chinese poems, the Chinese sports and so on. These projects have won the approval of Vice Premier Liu Yandong and NOCFL (China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a foreign Language). The speech on China’s national game Ping Pong marked the beginning of those 10 major projects. 

Liu Wei Playing Ping Pong

Liu talked about her experience as a professional athlete and shared her thoughts on Ping Pong spirit. She said that one should dream big, endure hardships and have the right attitude towards success and failure. Ping Pong spirit stands for resilience, indomitable will and the courage of never give up. She encouraged students at the Confucius Institute to learn Chinese with such a spirit. Ms Liu has spent 16 years on Ping Pong and 16 years on studying. When she was asked about her goal for the next 16 years, Liu replied that she was going to give speeches worldwide, helping to promote the development of Ping Pong.  

Liu Wei Taking Photos with the Audience

On April 7 , Liu gave her second speech. The Confucius Institute at Cairo Universityplans to hold their first Ping Pong match in the second half of 2016 to enhance Egyptian students’ understanding about China’s national game aswellasthe cultural and sports exchange between China and Egypt.

Written by: Wang Zeyu
Edited by: Xiao Yunyun
Source: Office of Confucius Institute