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Former President Xu Zhihong revisits Griffith University

APR . 11 2011

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Peking University, Apr. 10, 2011: “The Peking University - Griffith University Research and Learning Centre has been particularly successful for the development of a range of collaborative activities in many fields of education priority," said Professor Ian O’Connor, head of Australia's Griffith University.


The remarks were made as Professor Xu Zhihong, former President of Peking University  (1999-2008), revisited the PKU-Griffith Research and Learning Centre on March 17, 2011, five years since its official opening.



“The center complements Griffith’s strengths and leadership in the Asia Pacific region,” Vice Chancellor and President O’Connor added.


It was the foundation for the recent MoU involving the Griffith Asia Institute (GAI), Peking University, and the Queensland State Government to establish a future orientated partnership between Australia and China titled "Australia China Futures Dialogues."


“The current initiatives we share with this prestigious institution would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of Professor Xu; in the establishment of our partnership and for its prospective mutual value,” said Professor O’Connor.


The Dialogues incorporate three yearly events: an Annual Leader’s Lecture, Second Track Dialogue and an Emerging Leaders Dialogue and brings together leaders and emerging leaders to discuss issues of importance to the Asia-Pacific region.


“Looking back over Professor Xu’s career there is no doubt he is an exceptional leader," said Professor O’Connor.


Professor Xu was named the “National Outstanding Young and Middle-Aged Specialist" in 1988.


He was awarded the “First Prize of the Natural Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences Award” in 1990 and the “Third Prize of National Natural Science Award” in the following year.


Xu was conferred Honorary Professor by Hong Kong University in 1994 and later awarded Honorary Doctor of Science by De Montfort University, followed by Nottingham University (2000) and University of East Anglia (2008) in the UK, Hong Kong City University (2001), Wasada University in Japan (2002), McGill University in Canada (2003) and La Trobe University in Australia (2007), Honorary Doctor of Law by Melbourne University in Australia (2003) and Honorary Doctor by University of Montreal (2004) in Canada, University of Edinburgh (2008) in the UK and University College Dublin in Ireland (2008).


Most recently Professor Xu was elected President of International Association for Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology (2002-2006) and is now Chairman of the Chinese National Committee of Man and of Biosphere, UNESCO, and Chairman of the Chinese Society of Plant Biology.


“It is marvelous to welcome Professor Xu back to Queensland and to the Nathan campus and to reflect on the vast contributions he has made, not only to building excellent relations with our university, but between the two nations as significant partners in education and research development,” said Professor O’Connor.


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Written by: Shelly Maller

Edited by: Jacques

Source: Griffith University