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PKU and UNEP issue "The Report of the Model of Ecological Wealth Creation of Kubuqi, China”

DEC . 23 2015
Peking University, Dec 16, 2015: On December 1, Paris Time, at the World Climate Conference in Paris, an "ecological gift" from China is solemnly recommended by relevant institutions to the world. Peking University and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) as well as other international organizations hold an achievement-sharing meeting and jointly issue “The Report of the Model of Ecological Wealth Creation of Kubuqi, China.”

The report focuses on the case of Kubuqi’s practice in responding to climate change and represents that China’s enterprises positively respond to China’s promise on climate problem. It shares China’s experience in ecological management, environmental improvement, and responding to climate change so as to help developing countries to enhance their ability of combating desertification and eliminating poverty and promote the sustainable development goal after 2015, especially the goal of zero degradation of land across the world in 2030.

The United Nations Environment Program and Peking University introduce specific content of the report. The report concludes that Yili Resource Group achieves huge success in improving desert ecology, developing desert industry, eliminating poverty in desert area, and responding to climate change. Yili Resource Group has created ecological wealth of more than 460 billion yuan and has restored desert of 1.27 square kilometers. It also provides more than 1 million employment opportunities.

Desert control becomes the third card of China’s walking onto the world stage after nuclear power and high-speed rail. The United Nations Environment Program and Peking University say that China is a good model in desert control. “Kubuqi mode" represents a high degree of scientific innovation, technological innovation, and mechanism innovation. Its biggest contribution lies in not only creating huge wealth, but also making human beings recognize and make use of desert and bringing possibility and hope to restoring more deserts in the world.


Wang Wenbiao

Wang Wenbiao, the chairman of the board of directors of Yili Resource Group, says that China’s president Xi Jinping advocates protecting the ecological environment like protecting our eyes and the Ecological Model of Wealth created by Yili Resource Group accords with President Xi’s idea of green development. The practice of Kubuqi makes the world aware that the desert is one of the most important strategic resources for human beings’ development in the future, and desertification control plays an important role in controlling global climate warming. Making good use of the desert will promote the process of responding to climate change and expanding human beings’ living space, and will also make poverty, war, and bad ecology far away from human beings.

Monique Barbut

Monique Barbut, the Secretary General of the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention on Combating Desertification, and Xie Zhenghua, the special representative for climate change issues, and other politicians and scholars attend the conference. Monique Barbut says human beings’ development prospect in the future depends on the situation and output ability of land at present, so people should be aware of the importance of taking measure to accommodate to climate change as soon as possible, and pay most attention to the two goals of land management and combating desertification. She says Kubuqi model offers an outstanding example. Xie Zhenghua says the publication of the report aims at sharing China’s success in environmental governance and thus providing reference for environmental governance and responding to global climate change.

Xie Zhenhua

Experts present emphasize on the importance of combating desertification for the whole human beings. According to the latest research of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, every restoration of 500 million hectares brings about absorption of one-third of the total carbon emissions of the global fossil energy burning. Besides, it can bring employment opportunity to local inhabitants and promote economic transition and sustainable development of regional economy.

Written by: Xie Changli
Edited by: Ouyang Yixuan
Source: PKU News Center