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Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka visits Peking University

DEC . 05 2015
Peking University, Dec.1 , 2015:On the afternoon of November 25,  Czech Prime Minister Bohruslav Sobotka visited Peking University and delivered a speech at the Sunshine Hall, Yingjie Exchange Center. Czech's ambassador to China, Ma Keqing,China's ambassador to Czech, Libor Schka, and all the delegates attended the meeting.

Lin Jianhua meeting with Bohuslav Sobotka

To begin with, Lin Jianhua, president of the Peking University, extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and introduced the history of Peking University and the current situation of its schools and departments . Premier Sobotka said that, Peking University had a long history and enjoyed a very good reputation in China, and that with the deepening of cooperation between two countries, the Universities in Czech would be more closely linked with Peking university.

Lin Jianhua giving welcome speech

In the welcome speech, Lin Jianhua said that Peking University was the first national comprehensive university in China, enjoying a long history of education, having obtained plentiful and substantial achievements and participating frequently in international communication. He also said that the cooperation between the universities and academies in Czech and Peking University would be a win-win move. He hoped both sides could open a new window for the future cooperation. 

Premier Bohuslav Sobotka delivering a speech

In the speech, Premier Bohuslav Sobotka introduced the history and culture of Czech, and the achievements Czech had obtained in the aspects of  modern industry. He then focused on the present situation of the EU and the challenges the EU is faced with at the moment. He said that there were huge potential for cooperation between Europe and China in the fields of energy, trade, environmental protection, education and so on, among which educational exchanges could serve as a catalyst for strengthening consensus and promoting understanding between each other.

After the speech, Lin Jianhua had a conversation with persident of the Charles University Tomasz Zima. Presedent Tomasz Zima said that, Charlie University and Peking University had a good foundation for cooperation, and he hoped that both sides could work together to promote the researches in a series of fields, including regional political, economical and social issues.

Written by: Shang Baoyue
Edited by: Ouyang Yixuan
Source: PKU News Center
( http://pkunews.pku.edu.cn/xywh/2015-11/27/content_291745.htm)