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Closer Ties between MU and PKU

NOV . 17 2010

Peking University, Nov. 16, 2010: On  the morning of Nov. 11, Dr. Handy Williamson, Vice Provost for International Programs at University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) and Dr. Wen Ouyang, expert from Office of Vice Provost at MU, paid a visit to Peking University (PKU). They were greeted by Prof. Li Yansong, Vice President of PKU, at Linhuxuan.

Prof. Li  briefed the guests about the  current situation of American students at PKU. Dr. Williamson made a presentation about the history and disciplinary structures of MU. Afterwards, both sides recalled the contribution to  Sino-American communication made by Edgar Snow, the well-known American reporter and writer. Dr. Williamson said that he admired Snow's spirit and hoped to promote the communication between PKU and MU as well as the mutual understanding between students of both universities.


Prof. Xu Hong, Executive Vice Dean of School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) introduced the close communication between SJC and its counterpart at MU, and expected further  cooperation. Dr. Williamson agreed with Prof. Xu and looked forward to seeing more PKU students come to study at Snow's alma mater.


After leaving Linhuxuan, accompanied by Xia Hongwei, Executive Vice Director of Office of International Relations and Sun Hua, Vice Secretary of the Communist Party of China at SJC, Dr. Williamson went to Tomb of Edward Snow beside Weiming Lake to commemorate him.




At 1:00 p.m., Dr. Williamson gave a lecture at SJC around the topic of "Collaborative Education." In the lecture, Dr. Williamson talked about the achievements in Sino-American educational cooperation, the historical relationship between the SJU of PKU and Missouri School of Journalism, and the foundation and development of Confucius Institutes in America.


As the oldest university along the Mississippi River, MU is not only the first public school in Louisiana  but the cradle of department of journalism in America. The purpose of Dr. Williamson's trip to Beijing laid in the student exchange programs which aimed at strengthening the interaction between talents in both universities.



After his lecture, Dr. Williamson communicated with the audience about studying abroad in the US and other issues. The whole lecture went on in a light-hearted and delightful atmosphere. The two sides exchanged gifts and took photos when the lecture ended.


Below is a letter addressed to PKU students by Missouri International Student Council.



Missouri International Student Council

Novermber 5, 2010

Greetings from the west-The University of Missouri International Student council (MISC)

The Missouri International Student Council extends cordial greetings to the students of

Peking University. We do so in recognition of the bridge extended by MU students in 1921,

in the letter conveyed by Dean Walter Williams. That letter expressed the desire that

students look forward with anticipation that the people of China and the US would word

together in efforts carried out for the betterment of humanity. Today as these nations

stand on the brink of unprecedented progress and change, it is important that the call for

mutual cooperation be renewed. That is the sole intent and purpose of this greeting. We

hope that it will be received in the spirit as intended.


Li Tang

President of Missouri International Student Council



Translated by: Li Nuoya

Edited by: Chen Miaojuan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)