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Professor Robert Hollister: Social Responsibility and Voluntary Service

OCT . 21 2015

Peking University, Oct. 21, 2015: Recently, Professor Robert Hollister from Tufts University was invited to Peking University. He discussed “social responsibility and voluntary service of the college students” with PKU students and “the function of university in the students’ growth” with staff from domestic universities’ fund centers.

With a master’s degree of Harvard University and doctor’s degree of MIT, Professor Hollister is now founding dean of Public Management College of Tufts University. The “Social Responsibility Network” founded by him aims at encouraging students to take part in social service in different countries and communities, and has become a global league covering 351 universities of 76 countries.

On the afternoon of Oct. 10th, Prof. Robert Hollister shared his thoughts on community service and public welfare with members of Student Service Team. He shared his experience of social service during his school life and his teaching life in Tufts University. The local universities require students to do voluntary service before their graduation, so he set up the public service college which requires students to take part in a year’s full-time job before they start their four years’ academic study. He listed some cases of students’ community service and encouraged students to balance the relationship between study and community service. On the one hand, service should become the tool of study, and on the other, study should help improve the service skills.

On the morning of Oct. 12, Professor Robert Hollister visited  the Office of Student Financial Aid of PKU and communicated with the staff on the function and method to improve students’ social responsibilities. Representatives from Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology and etc. also attended the discussion.

Firstly, Yang Aimin, Director of the Office of Student Financial Aid of PKU introduced the Personalized Green Growth Plan promoted in PKU, and discussed the establishment of fund center in universities as well as the development and support for the underprivileged students.

Then Prof. Robert Hollister introduced the operation of the “Social Responsibility Network”. It is a common educational idea of international universities that students should improve their social responsibility and personal ability through voluntary service. Therefore, Tufts University established “Social Responsibility Network League”. The universities in the league can exchange their students to take part in international voluntary service and get fund from the league. PKU is also a member of the league. Prof. Robert Hollister expressed that the creative Talent-supporting Pattern at PKU is advanced even in international field and he would like to further the cooperation in fund field between Tufts University and Peking University.

Written by: Zhang Yuyao
Edited by: Jin Panzhu
Source: PKU News (Chinese)