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Dialogue across the Pacific on Spanish literature

OCT . 26 2011

Peking University, Oct. 26, 2011: As invited by the universities and research institutes of Peru, Chile, and Argentina, Professor Zhao Zhenjiang from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature, Peking University (PKU), recently visited South America, and held diverse forms of cultural exchanges with local scholars.


On September 24, answering the invitation of Ricardo Palma University President Iván Rodríguez Chávez, Professor Zhao went to Peru to participate in the “Week of Translators” launched by the University. In the opening ceremony on September 27, Zhao presented a lecture for its students and faculty titled “China’s Interpretation and Study of Spanish American Literature and Peru Poet Cesar Vallejo”. Besides, he donated books of his own writing and translation to its library, including Portrait on the Mountain Rock - Pablo Neruda’s Love, Poetry and Revolution (co-authored), Selected Poems of Antonio Machado (co-translated), Poetry Anthology of Latin America, and so on. President Chávez awarded him the highest honor of the University - the certificate and medal of its honorary doctorate. Chinese Ambassador Zhao Wuyi and Cultural Attaché Shi Zequn from the Embassy in Lima also attended the awarding ceremony.


President of Ricardo Palma University awards Prof. Zhao.


From October 2 to 7, Professor Zhao was invited by Peru National University of Trujillo to deliver two lectures for its graduate school. The university awarded him the certificate and medal of “Prominent Visiting Scholar”. Accompanied by Education Professor Angel Lavalle Dios, Zhao visited the former residence of Cesar Vallejo, Peru’s most important poet in the 20th century. The local mayor hosted a welcome ceremony in person, inviting him as a special guest for next April’s unveiling ceremony of the poet’s Residence Museum.


Prof. Zhao gives a portrait of Confucius to the local Chinese chamber of commerce.


Prof. Zhao receives certificate and medal of “Prominent Visiting Scholar” in Peru.


From October 7 to 12, Andrés Bello University, as well as the Confucius Institute St. Thomas University, invited Professor Zhao to visit Chile. During this period, Professor Zhao introduced to the students of St. Thomas University the current interpretation of Latin American literature in China. Zhao analyzed the difference between Chinese and Spanish and accounted the contribution of Chinese civilization to human beings. He also encouraged students of the Confucius Institute to advance despite difficulties, exert their best in Chinese learning, and become eminent talents devoted to Sino-Chile cultural communication. The Confucius Institute wrote in conclusion, “Professor Zhao’s lecture showed the unique charm of Chinese scholars. Through close contact, the students truly felt his elegance, humor and erudition, and thus understand the significance of Sino-Chile cultural exchange more deeply.” During Zhao’s stay in Andreas Bello University, he delivered a lecture titled “Latin American Literature in China” at the opening ceremony of the University’s “Chinese Culture Week” on October 11.


Prof. Zhao presents a gift to the president of Andrés Bello University


From October 12 to 17, Professor Zhao visited Argentina after Argentine Society of Writers sent him the invitation. As the translator of Argentina Gauchos epic Martin Fierro, he made a lecture on literary translation for the Society. The President of it and John F. Kennedy Argentine University issued him an honorary certificate. During his visit, Zhao and the society members discussed about the cultural communication between the two countries. As next year is the 40th anniversary since China and Argentina established diplomatic relations, the scholars all agreed to take this opportunity and make contributions to China-Argentina cultural exchanges. 

Written by: Yan Binghan
Edited by: Arthars
Source: PKU News (Chinese)