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Biomedical engineering forum held at PKU

NOV . 03 2011

Peking University, Oct.28, 2011: Global Development of Biomedical Engineering of the 21st Century is held in No.8 Conference Room of Yingjie Exchange Center of Peking University (PKU). Reports regarding such frontier fields of research as biomedical imaging, health information collection system based on cardiovascular portable detector and telemedicine system were bade in the forum.


Many renowned specialists in biomedical engineering area—from both overseas and domestic universities and research institutions—participated in the forum. 80 PKU students also were present. Three scholars delivered their keynote speeches in the forum.


Professor Zhang Yuanting, Director of the key laboratory of health informatics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dean of Biomedical Engineering of Chinese University of Hong Kong, gave his speech, titled Cardiovascular Health Informatics: MINDS for Wearable Devices . He explained the importance of real time monitoring in Cardiovascular disease and thus led to the advantages of wearable devices—miniaturized, intelligent, network, digitalized and standardized. MINDS represents the trend of integrating emerging technologies to promote people’s health.


Prof. Zhang Yuanting giving his speech



Professor Magjarevic, President-elect of Integration Medical and Biological Engineering Union and Dean of the Department of Electronic System and Information Processing of University of Zagreb in Croatia, gave his report named Personalized Systems for Remote Health Care. He, proposed integration of biosensors, wireless transmission and telemedicine systems with the integration of information collection and analytical equipment in light of its significance and feasibility in future human health concerning the multidisciplinary study of biometrics, engineering and information science.


Prof. Magjarevic giving his speech



Professor Liang Zhipei, Chairman of International Society of Biomedical Engineering of IEEE and President of Integrated Department of Beckman Institute in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, gave his talk named Biomedical Imaging: Visualizing the Invisible. He reviewed the development of imaging technology in biometrics and introduced breakthroughs in this area with examples to show that imaging technology is a multidisciplinary subject of physics, electronics and computer science.


Prof. Liang Zhipei giving his speech



In the last session, these professors deeply interacted with students present, providing advice to them concerning academic research and career orientation.


guests and students


Written by: Li Yang
Edited by: Liu Lu
Source: PKU News(Chinese)