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BIMCR held International Conference: Perspectives in Mathematics

OCT . 26 2011

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Peking University, Oct. 23, 2011: The Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BIMCR) formally moved to its new permanent location on October 18. In connection with this important event, an international conference themed “Perspectives in Mathematics” organized by BIMCR opened on October 17 at Peking University (PKU). Professor Wang En’ge, Vice President and Dean of PKU, attended the opening ceremony. 


Prof. Wang En’ge giving the opening speech

A panel forum themed “Presentations of math institutes” took place at BIMCR around 2 p.m.,  attended by representatives from well-known math institutes from countries such as China, the United States, Sweden, Brazil, Canada and Germany. The distinguished professors introduced their researches and shared experiences.


The first speech was given by the host. The representative of BIMCR elaborated on the three factors needed to achieve its goal of becoming a world-class mathematical research and education center: outstanding researchers, excellent students and extensive, profound international cooperation.


Next, the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS) gave a detailed introduction of the institute and also their newest effort — the National Center for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences.


This was followed by presentations from representatives of Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) from America, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich  (ETH), National Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) from Brazil, Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) of California, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI)  of California, the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics from Germany, Chern Institute of Mathematics of Nankai University, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) of Canada, the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics (SCGP) of New York and many other mathematical organizations from China and abroad. Topics of discussion included direction of research and project design, financial resources and institutions and other areas of interest. Aside from advantages and achievements, the representatives also explained some of the challenges they were faced with, such as attracting good mathematical researchers, improving and expanding international cooperation, balancing research and teaching etc.


Dr.Robert Bryant, Director of MSRI giving his speech


Jim Carlson, Director of CMI speaking at the conference


John Morgan,Director of SCGP giving his speech


Whether in terms of organization structure, research direction or length of projects, the many differences exhibited during this event showed the diversity of math institutes, and these differences, along with issues of mutual concern, brought about new solutions in mathematical research development.


Deputy Dean Prof. Wang Enge, Prof. Tian Gang and Prof. Alejandro Adem of PIMS

having a friendly conversation


This conference gathered the greatest minds of mathematics at PKU, where they exchanged experiences, explored and strengthened international cooperation, which was beneficial for BIMCR to  build a world-class platform for academic exchanges and talents cultivation.


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BICMR is a mathematical research institute sponsored by the national government of China. It is located on the campus of PKU. The centre was created in 2005 by decree of national government. Its main office buildings will be spread in seven Chinese classical houses with gardens on the north shore of the Weimin Lake on campus. This used to be a part of the royal palace, YuanMing Palace.


BICMR’s goal is to build a world-class mathematical center for research and training young talents ; to bring up a new generation of leading mathematicians of world class in China; to strengthen the application of mathematics to sciences and practical fields; to promote research and education level of mathematics in Peking University, as well as all over China.



BIMCR International Conference: Perspectives in Mathematics


Written By: Liew Soon Yi
Edited By: Chen Long
Source: PKU News (Chinese)