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Campus safety: Effects of community policing and emergency response drills

MAY . 29 2011

Peking University, May 28, 2011: The second general session of International Conference on Campus Safety Management, which was opened on May 27, was held at Peking University in the afternoon.


In the second part of this general session, Professor Alan Truong, staff sergeant of the Campus Police Services at the University of Toronto and Professor Ma Liyun, a vice section chief of the Campus Security Department at Tsinghua University, gave speeches respectively.


Professor Alan Truong focused his speech on the concept of “community policing”. He said that the community policing was more proactive, more effective, and connecting better with the public comparing with the previous reactive policing. Thus it could solve problems faster and reduce the criminal rate. He expressed that based on the four steps of the community policing—identifying problems, analyzing situation, developing plans, and evaluating them, campus safety system could be promoted and create a secure environment for the students and teachers. “The people are the police, and the police are the people,” said Professor Alan, “The community policing is the future of policing.”


Professor Ma Liyun delivered her speech on the topic of Practice and Thinking of Emergency Response Drills. At first, she emphasized the importance of the emergency response drills. Then, as the main part of her speech, Professor Ma talked about how Tsinghua University put the emergency response drills into practice. She said that they had conducted emergency response drills for the freshmen every year. The drills included practices in some special situations, such as high-rising buildings, laboratories, and large-scale activities. The speech was ended up with the thinking of ways to promote the emergency response drills and construct a secure campus.


After their speeches, representatives from different universities asked questions on their topics and discussed together.


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Reported by: Jiang Zhaohui
Edited by: Su Juan