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Int'l conference on campus safety management kicks off at PKU

MAY . 29 2011

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Peking University, May 28, 2011: With an increasing concern on campus safety, the first International Conference on Campus Safety Management kicked off at Peking University (PKU) Zhongguanyuan Global Village on the morning of May 27.


The theme of the conference is "Campus Safety: Challenges and Solutions.”


 International Conference on Campus Safety Management kicks off at PKU Zhongguanyuan Global Village on May 27


The International Conference on Campus Safety Management is an academic conference starting from this year at the highest level in the field of higher education at present in China. It aims to strengthen exchange and cooperation between institutions of higher learning in China and their international counterparts, share experiences, analyze the difficulties, and explore approaches to break the bottleneck in campus safety management.


As an executive organizer, PKU played an important role in promoting campus safety, said Professor Zhang Yan, executive vice chairman of PKU Council and vice president at the opening ceremony. He considered it a necessity to communicate with fellow universities and organizations on this topic.


This academic conference has provided an opportunity for universities around the world to work together against the campus insecurity, Professor Zhang added.


He mentioned that as a result of traffic disorder and security disorder, more and more insecurity factors were found in campus recently. Thus, administrators must take action to figure this problem out and build a safer campus environment.


Professor Zhang also pointed out that government legal enforcement power, helps from social management, and professional security systems and personnel should be involved in protecting campus safety, which played an important role in safeguard.


Luo Yuting, executive vice director-general of the China Association of Higher Education Security (CAHES) delivered his thankfulness in his speech. He said that the cooperation with the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Association (IACLEA) and universities both from home and abroad brought promoting effects and influence. They explored different methods and formed their own campus management, setting good examples. With the attendance of experts from different countries, Luo believed that the cooperation would be promoted.


Maron C. Lynch, former president of IACLEA and associate vice president of the University of Chicago, was also among the speakers. The issue on campus safety was worldwide, said he.


The IACLEA has 1,200 institutional members and 2,000 individual members from 20 countries across the world, Professor Lynch noted. The IACLEA has its leadership with China for more than 25 years and a long-term friendship with China began since 1995. During the working experiences, IACLEA together with its Chinese colleges, has assisted each other and shared the common interests to face the challenges in maintaining security on campuses.


All colleges want to offer their students a better and safer study environment, which was the IACLEA’s main target, added Professor Lynch. The IACLEA and other campus safety associations around the world play an important part in this filed.


  Maron C. Lynch, former president of IACLEA and associate vice president of the University of Chicago, at his speech


Zhang Jinfeng, vice director-general of CAHES, Jia Weiao, assistant president of the China Association for the Advancement of International Friendship (CAAIF), and Wei Zhimin, chairman of the Committee of Security Studies, Beijing Association of Higher Education (CSS, BAHE) also gave speeches at the opening ceremony.


More than 150 representatives attended the opening ceremony, including experts from colleges and universities in countries and regions like China, Canada, Singapore, the US, and Bermuda, and eight international schools in Beijing and leaders of some Chinese enterprises making security devices. They discussed the problems in campus safety management at present and came up with solutions to better safeguard campus safety.


This conference is organized by CAHES and IACLEA, and co-organized by CSS, BAHE, and CAAIF. 



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Reported by: Zhang Hao and Qian Xin

Photographed by: Li Xiaomeng

Edited by: Su Juan