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Professor Peter J. Katzenstein receives PKU honorary professorship

APR . 04 2011

Peking University, Apr. 3, 2011: A ceremony was held on the afternoon of March 28 at Valori Building, to confer honorary professorship on Professor Peter Katzenstein and Cornell distinguished scholars lecture series at PKU. After the ceremony, Professor Katzenstein gave a speech named Civilizations in world politics: a comparative perspective on China and Sinicization. 


In today's world of speedy globalization, the development of international studies is of great importance to academic prosperity, and world peace, stability and development. “Professor Katzenstein serving as Honorary Professor of Peking University,” said PKU Vice President Li Yansong, “will surely promote the internationalization of our International Studies and push forward the cooperation between Cornell University and Peking University at the same time.”



Vice President Li Yansong was presenting PKU Honorary Professorship certificate to Prof. Katzenstein.


A group picture of ceremony attenders


At the end of the ceremony, Professor Li issued the certificate for PKU Honorary Professor to Professor Katzenstein. And then, a student presented a bouquet and adorned the school badge of Peking University for Professor Katzenstein.


Introduction to Peter J. Katzenstein:
Peter J. Katzenstein is the Walter S. Carpenter, Jr. Professor of International Studies at Cornell University. He is also a world renown specialist in political science and international issues. He has once served is a former editor of International Organization,APSA (the American Political Science Association) President (2008-09)and a member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Professor Katzenstein was born in Germany in 1945. After receiving his PhD from Harvard University in 1973, he served as professor of Government at Cornell.   He is the author, coauthor, editor and coeditor of 30 some books or monographs and over 100 papers and critiques. His research interests include international relations and political economy in world politics, comparative politics and regionalism. His current research interests focus on the politics of civilizational states; issues of public diplomacy, law, religion and popular culture; anti-imperial sentiments including anti-Americanism; regionalism and German politics. As for his researching field, it covers many directions such as theory of International Relations, Political Economy and Comparative Politics. Recently, his research mainly concentrates on political issues in civilized countries.


Translated by: Xu Yue

Edited by: Zhang Chunlan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)