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Two decades of linguistic ties

News Center @ OIR.PKU APR . 08 2011

Peking University, Apr. 1, 2011: Professor Ohashi Yukako, President of Bunkyo University of Japan paid a visit to Peking University (PKU) for the 20th anniversary of cooperation regarding Japanese learning between Bunkyo University and PKU on the morning of March 26.



Before the formal seminar, there was a one minute of silence to lament the death of Japanese people who were the victims of the earthquakes and tsunami that happened two weeks ago. After the silent tribute, Professor Ohashi Yukako, President of Bunkyo University gave a speech reviewing the 20 years of cooperation for Japanese teaching and research between the two universities. She said that in spite of the great disaster that recently affected Japan, she still came to this seminar because of its importance. She hoped that cooperation and the educational language program could continue to benefit students.


Professor Wu Zhipan, executive vice president of PKU, gave a warm welcome to the guests and thanked them for visiting PKU despite the difficulties they were facing in Japan. He expressed regret and condolences on the catastrophe the Japanese people encountered two weeks ago. Professor Wu said the friendly relationship remains unchanged thanks to the efforts of teachers in both universities as well as the high level of enthusiasm of the students during the past 20 years. The two universities have developed an extensive network of cooperation that is not limited just to language learning on student-level, but also includes contact between professors at the academic research level. Professor Wu then looked to the future and expressed his hope for further cooperation between the two universities and the two countries.


Professor Liu Shusen, deputy dean of the School of Foreign Languages  praised the spirit of the Japanese people and the calm and confidence with which they faced the natural disaster in his speech. He expressed his wish that Japanese people can rebuild their families as soon as possible.


The staff officer of the Embassy of Japan and the deputy director of the Japanese Culture of International Exchange Fund also delivered speeches.



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Written by: Su Xiaolin
Edited by: LI Xiaomeng
Source: Office of International Relations