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【Beijing Forum 2010】The Night of Chinese Dance

NOV . 14 2010

Peking University, Nov. 8, 2010: “I always think of you, your cyan collar. Because of you, I repeat this poem time after time...” A lady in purple traditional Chinese costume, singing lyrics from an ancient Chinese poem of Yuefu, danced to the music elegantly.


On the evening of Nov. 6, 2010, a special performance of “The Night of Beijing Forum” at PKU Hall unveiled with the dance “Xianghe Song,” a kind of music originated in Han Dynasty (202 BCE–220 CE), featuring on the harmony between musical instruments and the singer’s beat.



"The Night of Beijing Forum,” starting from 2007, is the cultural brand of Beijing Forum to bring together the Eastern and Western arts and give a better interpretation of the purpose of Beijing Forum, which is “The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All.” The performance, also true feast of pure Chinese classical dance, was presented by top artists of Beijing Dance Academy. Among the audience were Vice President of Peking University Li Yansong, President of the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies Kim Jae-youl and his wife, eminent Professor Jürgen Moltmann, and other scholars attending the Beijing Forum 2010.




The performance was highlighted by men's group dance "King of Qin Soldiers.” With the powerful background music of "Jiangzhou Drum,” several strong men dressed in military uniforms, appeared on the stage in the classic "Terracotta Warriors" image. Their powerful movements and neat somersault jumps were a vivid portrait of the Ancient Chinese warriors’ heroic courage.



Among the classical dances, Xinjiang dance "Off Your Hijab" is in some way different. "Raise your veil and let me see your beautiful face. Your red and round face is like the ripened apple." Familiar and upbeat music lit the audience’s enthusiasm. Agile steps of the dancers immediately took the audience to the beauty of the Turpan Basin and as if to the face of the beautiful Xinjiang girl and the passionate young man.





The solo women dancer Zhao Qiao gave life to the fair lady in the Dunhuang frescoes, dancing with a piece of 20-meter-long colored silk in "Flying.” Hu Yuting's "Spring Moonlight" took us to the distant yet beautiful night which the Chinese poem portrayed: "The river tide flows, so grand that it looks like the ocean. The moon rises with the tide, so bright and full." Wu Weifeng's men solo "Wind Sings" with the movie soundtrack "Bridges of Madison County" combined Chinese and Western culture perfectly by showing the longing and pursuit of the man for the wind-like freedom. The group dance "Wolf Totem" and "Bamboo of Orchid Pavilion,” displaying the dynamic and static aspects of Chinese style, received rounds of applause.



With a magnificent "Yellow River,” the grand night came to an end. In rich body languages, the dancers expressed Chinese people’s love for their motherland and hometown.



"Why there are separations? Why there are sorrows? Hope we stay together forever, not for the moment." This is what the women's group dance "Tage Song" repeatedly singing, which to some extent, indicated the best wishes of "The Night of Beijing Forum.”



Translated by: Ma Xiao

Edited by: Jacques

Source: PKU News (Chinese)