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Values Education in the Context of Globalization

NOV . 01 2010

Peking University, Oct. 29, 2010: On Oct. 28, the opening ceremony of the International Conference on “Values Education in the Context of Globalization” was held at Peking University. It is organized by School of Marxism (Socio-economic and Cultural Studies Center), Research Center of Chinese Cultural Development, and is co-organized by College of Education, University of Hawaii. Nearly 50 scholars from universities and institutes in United States, Britain, Russia, and Japan attended the symposium.


Prof. Yang He, Vice Chairman of Peking University Council, gave the opening speech on behalf of the university. Then Prof. Guo Jianning, vice director-general of PKU Socio-economic and Cultural Studies Center and Dean of School of Marxism, and Hunter McEwarn, professor of University of Hawaii, addressed the ceremony as representatives of organizer and co-organizer. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Huang Nanping, vice director of PKU Socio-economic and Cultural Studies Center and Party secretary of School of Marxism.


Prof. Yang mentioned in his speech that how to adjust value’s change, develop, and shape juveniles, construct “spiritual motherland” under global context is not merely an important theoretical issue, but also an urgent practical issue. Value communication and value education during globalization is a process of harmony without sameness; they should provide varied values more survival space. “Exploration in value education should achieve the combination of national culture and world culture, as well as democracy and rationality.”


Prof. Guo reviewed the cooperation between PKU School of Marxism and College of Education of University of Hawaii. He briefed the guests on the school’s research direction and academic motto that are “based on academic cutting-edge, moving along with the time, and enhancing spirits of times.” In view of the function and status of values, he pointed out that “contemporary China should emphasize the inclusive growth of values under certain guidance in the context of diverse and inconstant values.”


The International Conference on Values Education in the Context of Globalization


Hunter McEwan expressed sincere gratitude to the organization of this symposium by PKU Socio-economic and Cultural Studies Center. He wished the symposium a complete success and this kind of academic communication cooperation long-lasting. Moreover, he proposed some conceptions on furthering the cooperation.


Group photo


The symposium would last for three days, including two informal discussions, four keynote presentations, six group discussions, three roundtable forums, and field trips in a variety of forms. The topic contains socialist key value, value of traditional Chinese Morality, ethics, character and civilian moral education, value education and curriculum, globalization and localization of values, business ethics, and practice and development of the course “An Introduction to Ideological & Moral Culture and Laws.” With this opportunity, the symposium would deal with propositions on communication and conflicts between values and cultures of Marxism, China, and the West in the globalization process. In addition, it would provide beneficial thought and discussion for prospectus on global value education while presenting achievements and experience of Chinese value education with overseas experiences.



Translated by: Zhang Biyuan

Edited by: Jacques

Source: PKU News (Chinese)