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Collections and Recollections: Beijing Forum 2010

JAN . 22 2011

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Peking University, Jan. 20, 2011: The seventh Beijing Forum was held from November 5 to 7, 2010 in the Chinese capital.


Co-sponsored by Peking University, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, and the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, Beijing Forum is an annual event from 2004 for communication and exchanges from academia across the world. It aims to promote the research of humanities and social sciences in the Asia-Pacific region, with a view to facilitating international academic exchanges and trans-cultural discussions that can lead to the social development and the increased prosperity of the world’s citizens and civilizations.




Peking University News has covered most of the events at Beijing Forum 2010, with 22 reports and 12 interviews of scholars in particular. Following is a collection of published news, reports, and interviews for the three-day academic feast in PDF format:


A Collection of Coverage of Beijing Forum 2010



The catalog of the collection could be found below:


【Beijing Forum 2010】Con Te Partiro




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