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Delegation from Qatar University visits PKU

NOV . 24 2014

Peking University, November 24, 2014: On November 3rd, a delegation from Qatar University, which was led by Professor Sheikha Abdulla Al-Misnad, President of Qatar University, paid a visit to Peking University. PKU President Wang Enge welcomed the delegation and held a talk with the guests.

President Wang Enge outlined the general development of Peking University. Reviewing the friendly intercourse between Peking University and Arabian countries in retrospect, Professor Wang Enge expressed his expectations for PKU’s future exchange with Qatar University. He looked forward to more extensive cooperation in scientific research, talent training and personnel exchange between two universities.

President Al-Misnad rated PKU’s contribution to academic cooperation high. She also conveyed the decision of Emir of Qatar to establish the Qatar Middle East Studies Project in PKU.

The delegation visited the Department of Arabic Language and Culture for a more detailed understanding of its development.

Extended Reading:

Affiliated to PKU, Qatar Middle East Studies Project is under the sponsorship of Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, current Emir of Qatar; College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University, presides over the Project.

The Project aims at conducting research in language, literature, culture, religion, history, politics, economy, international relations and regional issues of the Middle East with the help of multiple academic resources in Peking University. It will publish academic thesis and hold international academic conference annually.

Qatar Middle East Studies Project of Peking University focuses on six academic fields:

1. Study Arabic linguistics, Arabic dialects and Arabic standard native tongue.
2. Study Arabic literature, its important schools and influence on world literature.
3. Study the development history of Arab-Islamic civilization and various Islamic parties.
4. Study hot issues, history, member states of Gulf Cooperation Council, political and economic organizations, and the interrelationship of the Middle East, as well as the relationship between Middle Eastern countries and China.
5. Translate important academic works of the Middle East.
6. Expand the cooperation with the Gulf Research Center, College of Arts and Sciences, and other related colleges of Qatar University.

Written by: Wang Yue
Edited by: Li Ruiqi
Source: Office of International Relations