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DEC . 11 2010

Peking University, Dec. 10, 2010: To further promote the development and massive applications of competitive technical intelligence, and demonstrate specific applications and best practices of competitive technical intelligence in kinds of industries and enterprises, the Second International Forum on Technological Innovation and Competitive Technical Intelligence (ITICTI)—Applications and Best Practices of Competitive Technical Intelligence was held at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center of Peking University (PKU) from Dec. 3 to 5. The forum was hosted by PKU and Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, and undertaken by the Competitive Intelligence and Competitiveness Research Center of PKU, Beijing Science and Technology Information Institute, and the Beijing Science and Technology and Economic Joint Information Center.


Prof. Yang He, vice chairman of PKU Council, addressed the forum in the beginning. In terms of the crucial function of technological innovation to the development of China's economy and society, and the supportive effect of competitive technical intelligence on technical innovation, he pointed out that this forum, based on the successful fruits of the first forum, would further promote the development of technical innovation and competitive technical intelligence. Ding Hui, president of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, Prof. Ma Feicheng from School of Information Management of Wuhan University, Dr. Tao Qingjiu from Business School of James Madison University, on behalf of Prof. John E. Prescott from University of Pittsburgh, also attended the forum and gave addresses. Prof. Xie Xinzhou, executive chairman of the forum and director of PKU Competitive Intelligence and Competitiveness Research Center, presided at the forum.


PKU Council vice chairman Yang He at his speech


Experts from America, France, German, Japan, etc., delivered their speeches on the applications of competitive technical intelligence. Prof. Henri Dou, from France Université Paul Cézanne Aix Marseille III, shared the latest progress of competitive intelligence with audience. Dr. Yoshio Sugasawa, president of Japan Society of Competitive Intelligence, gave a scenario analysis of R&D innovation on competitive technical intelligence. Ms. Nancy Potter received favorable response with her suggestion of establishing an effective technical assessment system. Rainer Michaeli, engineer of Technical University of Brunswick, Germany, reported the best practice of competitive intelligence in German enterprises, and Prof. Alan Porter from Georgia Institute of Technology forecasted the new innovation way of competitive technical intelligence with the example of solar battery improved by nanotechnology. There were also experts and scholars from Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Science & Technology of China, and colleges and universities such as PKU, Wuhan University, Nanjing University, etc., giving their speeches on technology monitoring and technology forecast, technical innovation and competitive technical intelligence service, the cases of competitive technical intelligence in technology innovation industries, and so on.


Georgia Institute of Technology professor Alan Porter at his speech


Germany Institute for Competitive Intelligence president Rainer Michaeli at his speech


Japan Society of Competitive Intelligence president Dr. Yoshio Sugasawa at his speech


The theme of this forum was "Applications and Best Practice of Competitive Technical Intelligence", which focused on the discussion of the best cases in the technical innovation and applications of comparative technical intelligence. "Serve for small and medium enterprises" and "applications" were among the highly-used words. Compared to the first forum, the depth and width of the issues discussed had been enhanced a lot.

Translated by: Cao Yixing
Edited by: Su Juan
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